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Self Love, Freedom and Forgiveness

I have never been a really big fan of Valentine’s Day if I’m honest. I have this incredible ability to set very high expectations of how the day might go & the kicker is I tell no one! So my husband has an impossible task. Poor guy is set up […]


5 Tips for People on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day ideas for anyone who wants them! Hint: Chocolate binges and pity parties are not on the list! We have all been tempted to focus Valentine’s Day as a negative depending on who we are and where we are in life. Divorced, separated, single, lonely, upset: Everyone has a […]


#ILoveMe Challenge- We Want YOU!

Who do you love? Chances are you thought of a bunch of people around you! You love family and friends, but how about yourself? Loving yourself is a difficult subject for many of us, and some people may not be sure how this can be done.  We tend to be […]


Fitness Gifts for Girls: Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! If your girl is anything like me, she would rather have some of these gifts  than a generic box of chocolates, flowers, or a teddy bear in a mug! These are some useful, yet thoughtful gifts that your Valentine will love! Edible Arrangements I […]

Fitness Gift guide for men

Fitness Gifts for Guys: Valentines Day

Guys Like gifts too! But what we want might be elusive to what you know, so here is a deal! These are items that I know tons of men want! Its good stuff, fitness stuff and things that I think your man will love (Because I love them!) RetroFit Gear! […]