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Courtney Crozier- ThankStories

Biggest Loser’s Courtney Crozier shares her Story Recently I had the opportunity to share with Courtney Crozier, a former contestant with me on Biggest Loser 11. It was such a pleasant experience to reconnect with her. Of all the contestants on our season of Biggest Loser, no one was a […]


Sunshines Journey to 199- ThankStories

A Thankstories to remember: Sunshines Journey I was on Facebook one day when I had the distinct opportunity to see some really motivating posts. I was moved by the words that were being shared, and more than that- I was being challenged to be a better, more healthy, more fit, more dynamic […]


ThankStories: Thankful Nathan

Nathan MacDonald Sheds some light on his story of becoming healthy. I have to be honest, I have had an enjoyable time hearing his story, and he has described it in a pretty amusing way! It has been a pleasure to hear Him describe his journey, and I think you’ll […]


ThankStories: Regain Health with Pastor Charlie

Motivated Pastor Regains Health I was able to connect with Charlie Patterson, a Pastor out of Kansas, in August of 2011. Charlie at that point was jazzed about his accomplishments in his physical health, and since then he has only progressed further! This guy is a rock star and I […]


ThankStories: Sophia’s Weight Challenge

Overcoming the Weight Challenge I had a great chance to speak to Sophia about her life change and I am excited to help tell her story: Sophia might not have ever been as big as most people would categorize as obese, but her journey is one that I believe most […]


ThankStories: Tanya’s Motivated Life

Tanya embraces her Motivated Life I do not want to cloud over the facts in this writing. I believe this post doesn’t need a big long series of introductions of interruptions  Tanya’s story is moving. I wan’t to keep it simple. To keep it clear. If you want some tips on […]


ThankStories: Robs Healthy Life

Rob Gaskill embracing a Healthy Life I had the greatest opportunity to start chatting with a gentleman named Rob a few weeks ago. Rob had told me a that he had experienced some success in his journey and I caught some details from his healthy life journey. I think a […]


ThankStories: Changed Lives

Embracing the Changed Lives you deserve! A few months ago my Dad and I were discussing what our mission is as a ministry: who we are as an organization and what it is we do. An organization has to have a singular mission, and while I don’t know if this […]