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60 Days till the New Year- How will you spend those days?

I want to BUST INTO 2016 knowing that I am ALREADY ahead of my 2016 goals… Are you with me? Posted by Austin Andrews on Monday, November 2, 2015 Let’s make a change… 60 Days till January 1st. 60 days… 2 of those days are probably accounted for in Thanksgiving and […]


Three Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving

Get 40+ Recipes and the accountability you need to NOT GAIN WEIGHT during the holidays! Thanksgiving is one of the few days in the year that almost every dieter thinks to themselves, “I’m taking the day off. I have been working hard and I deserve a day when I don’t […]

Ken Andrews Recipe for Cranberry Salad

The RFM Cranberry Salad

I cannot tell you the number of Cranberry Salads that I have seen that use cool whip, marshmallow, candied nuts etc. My own family had one, and while I know a lot of it is tradition my family has a new tradition we celebrate: being healthy. We are committed to […]


Join our Holiday Challenge and Support the Wounded Warrior Project!

15 pound gain. It was the price I paid. Way back before Biggest Loser, it would not be unheard of for me to gain 5-15 pounds in the six weeks between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I had no self control! Thanksgiving would happen, and then we would have leftovers […]


Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Enjoyment

3 Thanksgiving items you should enjoy! Having a Healthy Thanksgiving dinner is an important step to us being motivated through the holidays. Its important that we understand that we can achieve our goals even through the holidays! In this blog I wanted to go you the GREEN LIGHT when it […]


I eat Healthy Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy!

Healthy food is a journey! As we are approaching the resounding Thanksgiving week, I want RetroFit Ministries to take a slight DETOUR, and hit on some very practical Healthy Eating ideas! I know that for me, one thing I have never questioned is that GRAVY, CANNOT be good for you. […]