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Three Misconceptions About My Former Obesity

Assumptions Can Result in Misconceptions For many of my former obese years, people had formulated misconceptions or warped views about my obesity. I was thinking about how often people assumed things about my obesity, yet never actually took the time to ask me anything. I have chosen three misconceptions to […]


Weight Loss Frustrations

We all feel it. We all head into that diet, the new workout schedule, the new water drinking mode, and think, “I am going to lose soooo much weight this week!” And then we stand on that scale. The numbers hit in bold letters. They read the same as last […]


We get what we Work for

Earning Our Results When I talk about Action>Words, I am talking about a concept we need to apply to our everyday lives. Bob Harper on the Biggest Loser has said over and over again, “Word, words, words; just shut up and do it!” Bob knows the power of work, but […]


My Absence

I  have been struggling. It has been a very tough several weeks, and I let myself get down emotionally. I had a death in the family, and what made that death worse, was I allowed it to influence my food habits- I decided “I can eat crazy for a few […]


Dealing with Grief

As you may have read, we had a death in our family. What I didn’t share was just how off track this death took me the last month. There were a couple of reasons for this. First was just how much this passing will change our family, our family roots, […]