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So you want to do a 5K?!

You have thought about signing up for a 5k, but the thought of it freaks you out. This was me just a few years ago. I remember my friend asking me to do a 5k with her and I thought she was nuts! Honestly, at that point in my life, […]


I am taking the plunge into Running

I am so excited to share that I have decided to embark on a new adventure that started 5 years ago, I would never have dreamed possible. I am going to run my first half marathon this September. Five years ago walking two miles on a slow moving treadmill would […]


Life is Precious: Let’s Do Our Part!

Make Your Days Count God has shown me just how precious our life is this past summer. I have seen how important it is to use each minute of our time wisely. This life that our Creator has given us can be taken away in an instant. Last July, I […]


Julie’s Journey to the Marathon: Race Day!

I will be honest with you. I have tried to write this post many times, but every time I sit down to write I am struck with writer’s block. How could I not know what to write? This was one of the biggest events in my life, yet I still […]


How to Beat the Treadmill Blues

The treadmill. Most people either love it or hate it. Either way, it proves to be a reliable tool to help us on our journeys. It is there when the weather doesn’t cooperate, babysitters aren’t available, and the distance possibilities are endless. You can walk, jog, or sprint. You can […]


The Night Before the Marathon

Honestly, it feels strange to be writing the final posts about my journey to the marathon. Even though I sit here two days after I ran the race, and my muscles are sore; it is hard for me to believe that I actually did it. Thinking about completing the race […]


Breaking Through 20 Miles: Lessons from Marathon Training

No doubts here! Twenty miles didn’t seem so bad the second time around.  The first time I ran that far, I was in doubt whether I could do it or not. This time, I knew I could do it just like I did a few weeks before. I anticipated a […]


Stay Humble: Lessons from Marathon Training

Things Don’t Always Go as Planned. Have you ever had something planned and certain circumstances got in the way? One thing I love about my marathon training is my schedule. I know exactly what distance I am running each day, and I even have my rest days scheduled in. I […]


My First Half Marathon Finish

Goal: Finish a Half Marathon I started this year saying it was my year to be fearless and conquer my first half marathon. I accomplished that goal on Saturday August 23,2014! I didn’t just finish it, but I finished it well! My time for the 13.1 miles through a course […]


Running Support from Others: Lessons from Marathon Training

Running: A Metaphor for Life Running can be a metaphor for life, I hear this all the time. This weekend, I witnessed it along a beautiful trail. A New Mindset for Running Another week down! I wrapped up another week of my marathon training. This week was completely different than […]