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Food Addiction: Tips to Overcome the Addiction

Guidelines to Fight Food Addiction I’m going to briefly mention a few guidelines and tips to help fight food addiction. If you find yourself deeply addicted to food, you will find below a list of resources and 12 Step Programs to help people choose freedom. Here are five strategies that […]


Food Addiction: Do you have it?

The Food Addiction Battlefield I should first start off by stating that I write this article with a lifetime’s worth of experience. I can honestly share that I understand the battle with food addiction in that I have lived it most of my life. I am compelled to share with […]


Weight Loss is hopeless?

Last night, I read the most disturbing article I have ever read on Weight Loss. I am used to stats that are against people being successful, and I am also used to seeing transformation shots of people that my eyes can barely believe because of their success. I am exposed […]


Accept It or Reject It: Protect Your Journey

As A Former Pastor of a church I understand the need to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in the church. If it was a program or process that wasn’t  giving the desired results after three to six months, it was evaluated, analyzed, and either tweaked, kept as is […]


Busting the Bucket List

My new life is full of endless possibilities. I am able to do all the things I was never able to do because of my obesity. I never thought about ever doing a bodybuilding competition until my friend Curtis at the gym said, “Next year I should do one.” At […]


Flights May Result in Water Retention

Water Retention: A Real Issue When you travel by plane, it’s normal for your body to hold or retain water(fluid). It can be very uncomfortable when you land because the fluid doesn’t seem to distribute evenly throughout your body. I know from multiple trips that this is the case. With […]


Five Keys to Unlocking Weight Loss

First off, I just want to take 2 seconds to encourage you. I started my weight loss journey at a whopping 625 lbs. I am now 370 lbs and feeling amazing. I have a new life, a real life, a TRUE LIFE and I have come a long way in […]



The Truth about Excess Skin If you have never been extremely overweight and  lost a lot of weight, you probably have no idea about how uncomfortable excess skin is. Sure, I have done the easy part of eating right, living right, working out hard, & serving God. I know He […]


Cleanse The Temple: Your Body, Your Life

The other day I was reading the scripture in John 2:13-17 where Jesus fashioned a whip of cords and drove out the merchants and money changers who where in the outer court of the temple selling animals for sacrifices for the altar. Jesus became righteously angry because of the defilement […]


Three Misconceptions About My Former Obesity

Assumptions Can Result in Misconceptions For many of my former obese years, people had formulated misconceptions or warped views about my obesity. I was thinking about how often people assumed things about my obesity, yet never actually took the time to ask me anything. I have chosen three misconceptions to […]