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Julie’s Journey to the Marathon: Race Day!

I will be honest with you. I have tried to write this post many times, but every time I sit down to write I am struck with writer’s block. How could I not know what to write? This was one of the biggest events in my life, yet I still […]


The Night Before the Marathon

Honestly, it feels strange to be writing the final posts about my journey to the marathon. Even though I sit here two days after I ran the race, and my muscles are sore; it is hard for me to believe that I actually did it. Thinking about completing the race […]


Stay Humble: Lessons from Marathon Training

Things Don’t Always Go as Planned. Have you ever had something planned and certain circumstances got in the way? One thing I love about my marathon training is my schedule. I know exactly what distance I am running each day, and I even have my rest days scheduled in. I […]


My First Half Marathon Finish

Goal: Finish a Half Marathon I started this year saying it was my year to be fearless and conquer my first half marathon. I accomplished that goal on Saturday August 23,2014! I didn’t just finish it, but I finished it well! My time for the 13.1 miles through a course […]


Prepare Yourself : Lessons from Marathon Training

Definition of a Journey I am amazed at the parallels I see in my running journey when compared to my weight loss journey.  A journey is the act or instance of traveling from one place to another according to Webster’s definition. To me, the definition makes it seem simple and […]