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Self Love, Freedom and Forgiveness

I have never been a really big fan of Valentine’s Day if I’m honest. I have this incredible ability to set very high expectations of how the day might go & the kicker is I tell no one! So my husband has an impossible task. Poor guy is set up […]


Tired of the Journey?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been on the journey;the truth is that at some point you will get tired of it. You will want to give up at some point because it takes work. You will feel the burden of tracking every little bite of food. You will […]


Life is Precious: Let’s Do Our Part!

Make Your Days Count God has shown me just how precious our life is this past summer. I have seen how important it is to use each minute of our time wisely. This life that our Creator has given us can be taken away in an instant. Last July, I […]


Put the Food Down

When I began my 255 lbs weight loss journey When I started my weight journey, I used to eat 2800 cal of food per day. The types of food didn’t matter to me as long as I was getting my 2800 cal of food per day. I would eat whatever […]



Shhh… Don’t tell anybody! It’s not a fad diet, nor a miracle pill, powder, or potion.  It’s not a spa treatment or medical procedure. It’s not even in most people’s top 5 lists to become healthy and lose weight. What is it you ask?? What’s the secret I am talking […]

Check into Life, the biggest Loser story

Check Into Life Hits Amazon and Kindle!

My first book hits Kindle and Amazon April 14th! You can order it as a paperback from Amazon or get it straight on Any device with the FREE kindle app!  I am so proud and honored to see this book  released to a wide audience! It has been a long […]