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3 Steps to Overcoming Excuses

Learning to Overcome Excuses! A while back, I had the opportunity to share my story with a small school out in Camarillo! The students were incredibly respectful, very attentive, very much focused on what I had to say and I had an incredible time. Part of what I love is getting […]


God Makes Us New

Pressing On Just a few hours after typing out the blog post about my derailed train, I found myself sitting off the tracks again.  I had made the commitment and was ready to finally stay on track. This is how we need to see each day, but that doesn’t mean […]



I hear people all the time saying how they wish, they wish, they wish. Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or just living an active lifestyle. A Common Thread One thing is for certain. Across the board, people want to be better, healthier, live longer, and have good quality of […]


Walking Lifestyle: Aurora

Inspiring to a New Walking Lifestyle In Valley Center, Kansas, when we raced with Scott (if you missed that post it was doozy- see it here!) we also raced with a woman named Aurora and some of Aurora’s companions. Found Walkers Now- when I started the 5k, I began to […]


Inspired by Corin- Revisited

I Interviewed Corin about 6 months ago, so I wanted to celebrate her again- Talk about NO EXCUSES! The first young woman I interviewed is Corin Atwell. Be inspired. Check Into Life. AA) Corin, you are proud of how active you are, can you explain some of what you do […]


Honoring a Veteran

Last night I was in the gym while Dateline was playing- I saw them doing a piece on an actor from a movie I saw.  Recently I saw an early premier of the movie Battleship, and truly the movie was inspiring. I mean, its a great action adventure, and it […]


Brain and Body!

I am SO EXCITED- I have the opportunity to tell you about an opportunity to support us all! I am working with a Psychiatrist who specializes in brain Optimization! Dr. Amen has focused on helping his patients optimize the greatest “Life Changing” muscle in our bodies, our Brain! Dr. Amen […]


EXCUSES: The Lion and Me

How many times do you think abut the change you are focusing on, and realize that you have to do it alone. Alone-  Its a scary thought, loneliness- I remember watching Discovery Channel as a kid, and seeing some documentary on lions. See, the lions live in a small family […]


EXCUSES: Which one will you use today?

I saw this video as I was preparing yesterdays blog and I decided, I wanted to post it- So- Which excuse will you use today? <p><p>So</p></p> Stop- Just get it done…


EXCUSES: I have NO motivation!

How many of us have days where we DO NOT FEEL LIKE MOVING! We feel tired, and spent, used up and spit out and booed off stage… yes I did reference Eminem, but its TRUE. We Feel motivationLESS. So what can we do? How do we get over these internalized […]