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Brain and Body Week 5

This was week five for Dr. Amen’s Brain and Body Makeover, and I feel great.  I really feel that my decision making, and my thought process is becoming more clear. I would almost equate it to coming out of a fog.  When I was in a fog, I would never […]


Brain Envy

The circles are where I need improvement I met with Dr. Amen, and he had me go through his SPECT imaging to see my brain. I was expecting to see one of two things, either a Brian that would look like Swiss cheese with holes in it and lots of […]


Week 3 With Dr. Amen!

On this Day I want to first Thank the men and women that serve this country. Without you, our freedom does not exist- Your service is a sacrifice and I am extremely moved, personally, by your dedication to this country. Thank you for your service. As many of you know […]


Week 2- Brain and Body

I have been working HARD on Dr. Amens Brain and Body Make over Challenge! This week, I really focused on Will Power, what is it, where does it come from? How can I increase my will power to make this change a permanent change?! These are some of the thoughts […]


Brain and Body- Week 1!

Brain and Body Makeover UPDATE! Weekly Updating you on how my journey is progressing! Well, I have been on this journey for a week! I am excited to say I feel very empowered, I feel that this new idea of focusing on my brain is having an incredible affect on […]


YOU ASKED ME- Excess Skin

YOU ASKED ME about my skin? Rebekah Pontow: Did you/do you have lose skin after your weight lose? If so, how do you cope with it, get rid of it? If not, how did you manage not to get any? Good Question Rebekah! Most people who have lost massive amounts […]


Brain and Body!

I am SO EXCITED- I have the opportunity to tell you about an opportunity to support us all! I am working with a Psychiatrist who specializes in brain Optimization! Dr. Amen has focused on helping his patients optimize the greatest “Life Changing” muscle in our bodies, our Brain! Dr. Amen […]