60 Day Foundations Challenge


The RetroFit 60 Day Foundations Challenge was established to encourage the people of God to develop the foundations necessary for spiritual, physical and emotional health. In the past you may have been a part of a program that focused on one specific part of your life, for example an extremely restrictive diet plan or a boot camp (physical), talking about your behaviors (emotional), or even a Bible study (spiritual). The Bible teaches that all of life is connected and supports the idea that all human beings have multi-faceted lives with differing skills, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. In order to bring about transformational change in life, we need to address the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical.



The Foundations Challenge establishes foundational truths throughout all the devotionals. Many if not all of us as unhealthy people have established some core beliefs about either God or ourselves that are simply not true. The dark powers of this world seek to deceive the children of God and over time even the best of us can begin to believe a lie. Our Foundations Challenge seeks to lay the foundation necessary for us to move forward as God’s people.

Spiritual Component

We are spiritual beings and it is through Christ that our spirit is brought to life. Many of us try to live a healthy lifestyle and we fail because we have not recognized the spiritual nature of the battle for our lives. Our Foundations Challenge recognizes the foundation for a healthy life must be established and strengthened for spiritual transformation to come to fruition.

Emotional Component

We are emotional beings and for many of us the use of food to deal with past emotional pain and current situational stress is a regular coping mechanism. We tend to eat not when we are physically hungry but when our emotions and social interactions overwhelm us. Our Foundational Challenge recognizes that a healthy life includes emotional health and that emotional health is easier to maintain when a foundation for life is established. Foundations are best built in community.

Intellectual Component

A rudimentary understanding of basic nutrition and the needs of our physical body is important to our decision making process. Understanding the importance of sleep, activity, metabolism, macronutrients, etc., allows us to make informed choices that build our foundation for a healthy life. Our Challenges provide basic knowledge that promotes health; spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Physical Component

Finally, we need to increase and adjust our activity level to a level that will promote health. Many of us have been taught incorrect information on the kinds and methods of exercise by well-intentioned individuals; we need good, correct, and basic information so that we build strong bodies without incurring injury. Besides good, basic general knowledge, we need to explore activities designed to provide healthy alternatives to those of us who already have injury and physical limitations. Many of us stop activity due to injury, which actually compounds our health problems. We will explore together healthy activity on an individual basis.


The 60 Day Foundation Challenge includes:

  • Daily interaction in a private Facebook Community group, including interaction with Ken and Austin Andrews.
  • Daily Devotional presented each morning in written and video formats.
  • Access to instructional and inspirational videos from Ken & Austin.
  • Written and/or video answers to your questions throughout the challenge.
  • Confidential weigh-ins each week, starting Day 1 to track progress.
  • Online video hangouts with Ken and Austin using Google Hangouts with a RetroFit Host