Walking Lifestyle: Scott

Inspiring Others to a New Walking Lifestyle

Recently RetroFit Ministries has been in several cities, helping to Host 5ks with churches and communities. One community in Kansas had a great 5k that my Dad and I got to take part in and we had a total blast. So many people showed up – running, walking, taking pictures, encouraging each other, and demonstrating pride in their community – Awesome!

In that community I got to share with several schools Austin Andrews seeing the need for Health In Schools in Kansasranging from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I had an awesome time, and I felt that many of the students walked away with some great motivation and new knowledge that really applied to their lives.It was hilarious because in one school they had a sign on the wall that depicted a plate. The plate was labeled “The Healthy Kansas Plate” and what was funny was some of the descriptions of different food groups. They had a place for proteins, and Dairy and Grains and I thought it all looked pretty normal, until I really read the grains description. That day, for the students “Healthy Kansas Plate,” the students shared in a delicious grain- the Grain of Gravy. Suddenly it was clear:

My influence was necessary in this school!

As much as I treasured the time in the schools and in the community, it was the 5k which made me feel invigorated with life. I didn’t run more than a half of a mile, so, no – it was not the running that filled me so full of life. It was the PEOPLE.

Two families specifically stood out: one man was walking with his wife and 3 year old daughter; the other family unit was a woman who walked with her friend and friend’s mom. It is this experience that leads me to my thought for today – “Walking for HEALTH: Scott”.

Scott was the man who was walking – he lives near Wichita, Kansas. Through the time I got to spend with him I found out that he is an extraordinary man. Spending time was special, and it was because Scott put out the effort:

He and his wife came to a speech we did at a local university, then to an aerobic family class with my dad and I and then he walked at our 5k event on Saturday morning.

Scott and His Family after they Finished the 5k!

Scott, his wife and their 3 year old daughter crossed the finish line, and Scott in his excitement wrote this on our Facebook wall:

“Well, we all survived the Family 5K. Taylor and Mikaela (Scotts older daughters) finished 2nd and 3rd in their age divisions. Jen (Scott’s wife) was hindered by me and Ali (their youngest daughter). We finished in 1:06. I wanted to get in under an hour but the first mile we walked at Ali’s pace (she walked the first mile with us), I had to stop to take care of a rock in my shoe, I was pushing Ali’s stroller the whole way, and finally, had to take care of our only injury, Ali falling out of the stroller and hitting her head on the road (really bad bruise on her forehead). But, we got to walk with our new friends, Ken and Austin Andrews (Biggest Loser 11) and I used the time as a way to learn some things from them. Overall, it was a great time spent with my family and new friends, and the key is I FINISHED!!!”

I think Scott said it perfectly-

The key is that he finished.

Even more – Scott did this 5k walking with his youngest daughter every step of the way- and his older daughters finished in the 5k as well. As an entire family, he as the leader and the influencer, he is helping lay the ground work for his kids (all three) to become healthy in life!

Scott is leading in the way that matters most- BY EXAMPLE!

Scott is taking this opportunity to embrace his family’s future in a magnificent way- by influencing them in action. Scott demonstrated resolve, determination, hard work, and most of all love for them by finishing the race.

Start your race, finish it strong. Be the example your family and friends need. Get Healthy, and demonstrate the lifestyle you want your families, your kids and your communities to be!

What are some ways that YOU as a parent can demonstrate the Heathy Lifestyle you want for your family?