Walking Lifestyle: Aurora

Inspiring to a New Walking Lifestyle

In Valley Center, Kansas, when we raced with Scott (if you missed that post it was doozy- see it here!) we also raced with a woman named Aurora and some of Aurora’s companions.

Found Walkers

Aurora chose to finnish a 5kNow- when I started the 5k, I began to run up ahead and I was keeping pace with a small running group- but I looked back a saw Aurora (who I had not met yet) and her friends walking in the very back. Behind them was the pace vehicle (which was really there to pick up any cones or equipment that the race needed to tear down after the runners) but I could see that this small group at the back wasn’t the normal 5k crowd.

These three ladies were doing something special- something significant. They were walking in what was NOT a race against time or a race against others but a race AWAY FROM old habits and frustrating lifestyles.

I stopped in my tracks, and I waited and watched Aurora and her friends walk up slowly, and when they reached me we began to talk. The discussion was slow, spaced out by the deep breaths that two of the girls were talking, but I don’t mind people breathing hard. I mean, goodness, how many clips of me dying out of breath made it to national TV in 2011?

I was very excited because with each step, there was no hesitation. I saw NO HESITATION at all out of Aurora- she was determined to finish. Today was the day for her- change was occurring.

Aurora did not Hesitate-

She was determined to finish.

When we got to the 1st mile marker, I remember Pastor Landon (who was holding the timer at that mile marker) saying 26 minutes and some odd seconds. This 5k wasn’t about the time we finished in- it was about the fact that lives were changing.

Aurora took every step on that 5k by herself. She finished it, and she was beaming when she crossed the finished line. I would put it to you – If Aurora, someone who hasn’t worried about her health in a very long time, can finish a 5k, what’s your excuse?

Whats your Excuse?

Take the time today to challenge yourself- grab a friend (and their mom if you want) and take them on a ride to finish your challenge, but don’t wait for another Monday before you make a decision and change your life.

Post below what are your excuses and what you are doing to change your life and your health!