Tired of the Journey?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been on the journey;the truth is that at some point you will get tired of it. You will want to give up at some point because it takes work. You will feel the burden of tracking every little bite of food. You will have days where getting active is the last thing you feel like doing. Drinking water? Somedays, a Dr. Pepper would sound a lot better.

I have been on the journey for a few years, and have gone through every one of these at some point. I go through times where I feel like I am just spinning in circles.  I want to take the easy road, and just eat what I want and do what I feel.

There are things that you can implement when going through these phases along the way.  The key is to make it interesting. Spice it up, and make it slightly more exciting than the routined way of doing things day in and day out!

Change it Up!

When we do the same thing all the time, we tend to just go through the motions. Sometimes this causes us to just give up altogether or do everything half way when we need to be giving it our all. Changing things up can make a huge difference!


This can become exhausting and boring. I personally like to change up the tracking app that I use every once in awhile. I like My Fitness Pal and Lose It, they are similar but slight differences keep it fresh.


When I find myself slacking on the water, I find a new cup! It’s amazing how a really cool water bottle or cup can encourage you to drink your water. You can even change up the way you track your water. Add fruit to it! Make it slushy on a hot day!


Try adding a few new healthy snacks throughout your day. Try a new spice, this can change the whole flavor of a food you have been eating often. Search for a healthy recipe to try!


Tired of the boring dvd workout you have done a million times? Try a new dvd or better yet, get outside! You could find a friend that would be willing to join you, even one day a week would break up the monotony.  Tired of walking? Try riding a bike or swimming!

Set Goals!

Without goals, then we have no where to go. This means we won’t move forward and the idea of any journey is to move forward while making some progress.  You can set big goals or small goals.  With a goal, it can amp up some excitement making it seem like a new beginning.

Make a Vision Board

This can be a visual for you to see and keep you going. Along the journey, I have made a board that has quotes that inspire me, weight goals, and pictures. This is a great way to see the dreams you have, helping to keep you focused.

Use a Calendar

Right now I am training for a marathon, so I have a calendar mapped out with all my workouts and runs until the big race.  This is a great visual for me, and there is so much satisfaction when I can actually check off the day! I have used a calendar for weights, tracking goals, and water in the past.

Sign up for an event

Join a local fitness class, that will keep you accountable.  Sign up for a 5k, half marathon, obstacle course race, or even a full marathon. When I first started running, I signed up for a 5k before I even knew I could do it. I used it as motivation to keep me on track. Create your own venture, my friend set out to climb a mountain. This can be effective for so many events. It can be as simple as committing to so many miles on the treadmill for the month.

Off Track? Start again!

We all fall, and getting started again can be so hard. You have to give yourself some grace. You can’t expect to be perfect in all areas at once. Pick an area, so on your first day back on track focus on water, focus on portion for awhile, then quality of food, and exercise. When you try to do it all at once, we see it as a failure if we slip in one area. One step at a time isn’t just a great catchphrase.


Be honest with someone or a group and ask them to hold you accountable. You may need to explain what you need as that can look different for everyone.  Maybe even find someone to workout with you, or help you brainstorm healthy meals. The weight loss communities on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are amazing.

Join a Challenge

There are challenges all over that you can take part in.  These create short term goals and help keep you focused for a shorter period of time with added support. Here at Retrofit Ministries, we have great challenges to be a part of!

Find Inspiration

Can’t seem to get that motivation? Try Youtube videos or an inspirational movie. I personally love seeing others excited about their journey! Maybe find some inspiration in our “Becoming Healthy Together” Facebook group! There are many documentaries that can give you that kick you need to get going. I rewatch weight loss show episodes that were particularly inspiring to me.

Most importantly: Remember you are not alone. We all get tired, but we have to continue to press on.