The End is Where We Begin

“What We Do Today Affects Our Tomorrow.”

– Unknown


The End Goal

We must keep the end goal in sight as we travel this road in our journey to life and health. If you were to tell me three years ago what my life would look like today, I would have laughed because I didn’t see any hope or future for myself. I was 625 pounds, depressed, broken, burnt out with life since losing wife, family, friends, job, church, and my health all due to my priorities being wrong and my obesity.

A Glimpse into Our Future

Recently I had a night of multiple recurring dreams that kept showing future events and then the dreams would show how all that was done before leading up to those events. I love when God gives glimpses in to our futures. It’s like a Polaroid camera snapshot. We take those things we see and hold on to them, and bring them back to the present here and now. This is what we hold on to and cling to in times of doubt, disbelief,hard-times, or life circumstances.

Where are you headed?

As stated in an older blog there are three parts to every journey, and the middle is the hardest part; but if we are diligent to keep the END in mind as we push, move forward, and grind daily we know that we will get to the finish line. The key to the journey is consistency and faithfulness in all one dose. My challenge to you is to reflect on your journey and catch a glimpse of the future, the place you’re headed and hold that picture in your mind and heart. Don’t let it go, but also don’t be so consumed with the future that you miss all the wonderful experiences that the journey brings.