ThankStories: Robs Healthy Life

Rob Gaskill embracing a Healthy Life

I had the greatest opportunity to start chatting with a gentleman named Rob a few weeks ago. Rob had told me a that he had experienced some success in his journey and I caught some details from his healthy life journey. I think a lot of people can totally identify with this college weight gain story! In the interview, Rob Gaskill has all of his responses start with RG and I have all of my questions and comments start with AA. Read up and Enjoy!


AA: When did you realize that there was an issue with your health?

RG: In college when I couldn’t do the activities that I have always done my whole life. I stepped on the scale and I weighed in at 303 lbs.

AA: What sports had you been involved before college?

RG: I was involved in varsity tennis for all four years of high school and then I did a lot of hiking and outdoor activities as well.

AA: What made you stop?

RG: Laziness more than anything, I used to be very active and then I just stopped. I spent a lot of time in the bars drinking and eating out at fast food restaurants. I never was bullied, or had emotional problems when it came to my weight. It was all on my shoulders, I just got lazy.

AA: Did anything happen, a move, a change in location or in environment? Anything that would cause you to stop playing sports? Maybe an injury?

RG: There wasn’t anything major that made me stop playing sports, I just chose the lazy, unhealthy lifestyle over the healthy one. After college I stopped doing everything and only exercised in small amounts and that wasn’t enough for what I needed with what I ate.

AA: What made you believe that change was possible?

RG: I wanted it so much. I told myself that nothing less than perfection was going to work. Did I slip up, sure! But I saw where I wanted to be in a year and I knew how to get there. I also had a great support system behind me.

AA: So you just refused to think that change COULDN’T happen! I love that! A “Won’t take no for an option” mentality! What kind of support system did you need behind you to make this change a permanent one?

RG: I needed my family especially my mom to help me through the hard times and the good ones. My mom has been there for me every time I have ever needed her. I also had my best friend, but I found out quickly that my motivation was greater than his after a while, so our workout schedules started to separate.

AA: In that won’t take no mentality, what path did you use to become more healthy?

RG: I used the path that worked best for me and I’m still changing it to this day. I found things that worked and things that didn’t. The things that didn’t work I left behind and I moved forward. I tried not to let myself get down.

AA: Thats a great point Rob; emotionally, what place do you try to keep yourself in to make this work long-term?

RG: I try to keep myself as upbeet as possible and keep my work stress and my home life separate. If I can balance my life like that then I can control my lifestyle for the better. When the stress starts creeping up is when I start making bad choices. I just try to avoid stress in my life, thank god I live a pretty stress free life for the most part.

AA: When you think long term, when will this journey be finished for you?

RG: I don’t think I will ever be finished with my journey. I never used the word “diet” I just wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and that’s what I did, and I will continue to do it. I hit speed bumps still, but know I know how to deal with them. I am a lot better educated now than I was three years ago.

AA: Not that the journey has ended, but where are you today compared to when your started?

RG: I have lost 65 lbs. Went from a 44-waist pant down to a 36 waist, a XXL t-shirt down to a large shirt. I’m able to get back and enjoy the activities that I used to enjoy such as tennis, hiking, mountain biking. Its the little things that I enjoy the most. The compliments from people that I have not seen for a while, and wearing clothes that I have not worn in years. I used to have sleep apnea, not bad enough for the mask, but still had it and I don’t have that anymore, and I used to have restless leg syndrome and I don’t have that either anymore. It is amazing what some small changes in your life will do for the long-term outcome. I thought everything was so hard in the beginning and now its just part of my day-to-day life and I really don’t think about it that much.

I think it is terribly important for us to recognize where people start, and what people can accomplish. That’s the point of hearing people’s ThankStories, people’s healthy Life journeys. Rob got determined, Rob wouldn’t take no for an answer and he TOOK his life back. I think a lot of us have that inner resolve- we just need to let that resolve out. We can EACH accomplish our Healthy Life, Our ThankStory!

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