ThankStories: Regain Health with Pastor Charlie

Motivated Pastor Regains Health

I was able to connect with Charlie Patterson, a Pastor out of Kansas, in August of 2011. Charlie at that point was jazzed about his accomplishments in his physical health, and since then he has only progressed further! This guy is a rock star and I am excited to Feature him in the ThankStories Blog Series! Read about how Charlie learned how to regain health, and live abundantly!

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ThankStories: Charlie learns to Regain HealthAA: Pastor, I know that the day you were faced with your weight was a heavy one, What happened?

PC: About 5 years ago my dad, who was about 50 lbs. overweight, had emergency bypass surgery because of severe heart disease. After his surgery while laying in his bed with a tube down his throat, my mom said if I didn’t get control of my health and lose weight, that would be me someday in the hospital. I weighed 304 pounds at that time

AA: What went through your mind at that moment

PC: What went through my mind? Shocked at what she said and shock at the thought of not being around for my kids.

AA: Had weight been an issue for you for a long time, or do you remember a moment when the weight became a noticeable issue?

PC: I was always a little pudgy as a kid and teenager, but as an adult I have battled eating as a way to deal with stress. When I am stressed my appetite seems to increase.

AA: It seems like stress eating is what you are talking about- How did stress eating play a role in your stress management? How have you learned to press past stress eating?

PC: Stress eating was at it’s worst at night as I would stay up later and eat while I worried about things. I still wrestle with stress eating, but to press past it I have to pray and get my mind on to other things. If I give in I try to eat something healthy.

AA: With weight being an issue that you had been dealing with for a long while, what made you feel hope that you could accomplish this journey?

I can do all things through Christ

PC: I am a firm believer in Christ and that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. So, that in mind, as my wife and I watched the amazing success of people on he show The Biggest Loser I knew I could lose weight.

AA: Can you give me an example of how your spiritual beliefs played a role in your journey?

PC: My beliefs played and do play a role in my journey because I had to realize and remember that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. By my striving to be healthy I believe I bring honor to God. I give Him credit for helping me through it.

AA: At 304 pounds you started your journey, so what avenue did you choose to try to lose weight?

PC: In a nearby town the local rec center was putting on a weight-loss competition for couples. My wife and I began the journey together by exercising and eating healthier. It was a 12-week long competition and we won. I had lost 30 lbs. Over these 5 years I have constantly read new research and ways to eat and exercise healthier.

AA: The journey is one that we continually learn on! What have you accomplished since that first 12 week challenge?

My blood pressure is great, my endurance is high.

PC: Altogether I have lost about 90 lbs. My blood pressure is great and my endurance is high. However, I would love to lose about 20 more pounds if possible to get something I’ve never had before…a low body fat percentage. The journey is ongoing and a lifestyle that is part of who I am now…the guy in town obsessed with being healthy and working out! *Hahaha*

AA: Ha!

PC: I have always posted about my journey on FB and a couple of years ago a schoolmate of mine told me he had read my journey and was inspired and lost over 90 pounds before I did! He told me that I saved his life and I didn’t even know it! Also, my 5 children are inspired to get healthy and stay healthy. The impact of your healthy choices can impact others…not just yourself!