Struggling in the Journey is “Normal”

I know exactly what I need to do on my health journey. I have done these things and been successful. I have lost 99 pounds along the way, went from walking to running a full marathon, and I have helped others find success. Yet, I still sit here today struggling like I did before I accomplished all these goals.

Always a Fight

Somedays my will power amazes me, and other times I feel as though I have lost it all.  Every time food is in the picture, it is like a strategic battle that I am trying to orchestrate. Will my enemy defeat me, or will I defeat it? Honestly,food should be my ally. It is fuel for our bodies to be able to function at its best. I know what to do, I have an overwhelming amount of support available to me. I even have the advantage because I am not just hoping for it, I know what I am capable of because I have done it. Everyday I am still at war.

No Finish Line

I think we have this idea that one day we will reach the finish line. We will hit that goal weight and live comfortably for life. We will finally be able to stop struggling, fighting, and live what we might consider a “normal” life. The truth is that we will never be able to stop working for a healthy life. There are parts that get easier,but it’s never a finish line. We are never done with the health journey.

You are “Normal”

I am telling you this to help you see that when you fall or struggle on your health journey, that’s to be expected. Very rarely can someone hold one number and stay in peak physical shape every day for the rest of their lives. It goes in cycles, and that’s normal.  I have said this before, but it is relevant and true. When you stop trying, is when you are moving backwards. If you are aware of your health, and trying to make good decisions, but falling short; then you are still moving forward.

Keep Climbing

Right now I am 15 lbs up from where I know I feel my best. I am coming off of a cold winter in Indiana, where getting outside is really difficult. I spent my winter trying to manage my food, and get workouts in. I wasn’t perfect, and I ate plenty of things I shouldn’t, but I really wasn’t going backwards because I never lost sight of the direction I was headed. I started over many times, and kept climbing to try and get out of the rut I felt I was stuck in.

Real Expectations

While I can see my success in this today, my close friends will tell you that there were days I had felt like a failure. I beat myself up with words, incredibly difficult expectations, and saw something I hated in the mirror. Although, I saw all the negative things happening, I ignored the fact that I need to give myself grace sometimes. I need to give myself the grace and encouragement I would give to others.  I still struggle with this because my expectations I have for myself are much harder than what I would expect for others.

Worth It

Sitting and being upset about my shortcomings isn’t going to help me move forward. I need to take action, give myself some grace, and continue to fight each day. I hope this encourages you to know that if you are struggling, or have gained some weight back,you are not alone. You are normal, and you are worth the difficult fight that you may endure each day.