ThankStories: Sophia’s Weight Challenge

Overcoming the Weight Challenge

I had a great chance to speak to Sophia about her life change and I am excited to help tell her story: Sophia might not have ever been as big as most people would categorize as obese, but her journey is one that I believe most people identify with: I know that I have. Lets see how Sophia overcomes her Weight Challenge! 

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Sophia’s life change exploredSophia overcomes her Weight Challenge

AA: What made you feel like this is a journey you needed to go on for yourself, Sophia?

SA: I think I’ve always felt like my weight was an issue because, while I was never excessively obese, I was almost always bigger than most of the rest of the kids in my classes growing up, so I always felt fat. At one point, I actually had an English teacher tell me that I would make a very beautiful plus-size model, which really kind of got to me. I had gone back and forth trying to lose weight and be skinny, trying to eat a very minimal amount of food everyday, and nothing really seemed to work, so I always gave up.

AA: How did it affect you to have a teacher point out your size? How far did you go to try and lose weight at that point?

SA: Having a teacher say that to me, let alone anyone for that matter, kind of put me further into a depressed state because it told me that other people noticed my weight. It was upsetting for me to hear that. I wish it had given me motivation to change myself, but it didn’t, unfortunately.

AA: Growing up and looking different from other students your age can be tough, tell me- emotionally what did you feel growing up?

SA: I spent a good majority of my life being depressed, feeling very alone, and having very low self-worth because I never felt that I was good enough and while I would strive to be great at things, and sometimes succeed, I still felt like it wasn’t good enough. I think a lot of my coping went into eating whatever I wanted because those comfort foods made me feel better when nothing else did. I think being Greek/Italian played a factor as well, as food is a huge part of both cultures.

AA: What was the turning point for you in moving forward with your journey?

SA: It wasn’t until my boyfriend and I decided to do the Tough Mudder earlier this October that I actually dedicated myself to working out regularly and eating healthier options. The main goal wasn’t to lose weight, as much as it was to get fit so that I could complete the course.

AA: Your goal shifted from just looks or weight to accomplishing a goal- a challenge beyond a weight challenge. How much do you feel that shift in your focus became important in your journey?

The Shift of focus from my weight challenge to my goal was a huge factor in my life change!

SA: I think the shift in focus from my weight to achieving my goal was a huge factor in my transformation. When I decided to do the Tough Mudder, I had several people tell me that they didn’t think I should do it or that I could do it, which just made me want to prove them wrong. So I worked as hard as I could for 3 months to achieve that goal. Along the way, I realized how much I enjoyed working out and how great I was feeling and how much more energy I had. Honestly, if it weren’t for my desire to overcome that challenge, I’d still be one of those people who keeps planning on starting Monday and never really does.

AA: Why do you feel you wanted to respond to the challenge of proving other people wrong because you didn’t respond to your teacher the same way? Both were a challenge of sorts. 

SA: I think it was partially the implication that I was heavier that made me feel worse about myself and I wasn’t as mature. At the point when my teacher said that to me, I was maybe 16 or 17 and I wasn’t very strong-willed and I felt shame for who I am and what I looked like. When people told me that I couldn’t do the Tough Mudder, I didn’t feel as though it was directly related to my weight as much as it was related to my gender, my build (as I’m a fairly small person at the whopping height of 5’2), and not really being in shape at the time. I think feeling as though people were challenging whom I am in general brought out the huge competitive side in me. And like I said as well, 5 years later, I have grown as a person mentally, and I have become a stronger person who is ready for the challenges thrown my way now.

AA: What changes did you see that helped spur you forward with your fitness journey?

SA: When we started training for Tough Mudder, I slowly started to see my body changing even though I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose. I felt myself feeling better and healthier as I progressed through my training. I think one of my biggest “aha” moments where I realized there was hope for me was when I went from running a grand total of 3 miles without stopping to 7. It was probably the best run of my life! I felt fantastic! And from that point on, my confidence had been boosted a great deal and I knew I had it in me to actually lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

AA: When you were on this journey, how difficult was it to keep moving forward?

I’m a full time student and I work- This isn’t easy!

SA: Moving Forward on a path to becoming healthier isn’t always the easiest thing when you’re a full time student and you work and don’t have a day off between the two. I have to constantly make the conscious decision to not eat all the delicious foods that are constantly in my face. I still struggle regularly with eating healthier (although allowing myself to have a piece of chocolate everyday certainly helps tame the desire to eat all the foods I love!). I don’t always have time to work out and exercise between working and writing papers and studying and getting a few hours of sleep in a day. I often have to force myself to get off my butt and even do a little cardio, whether it’s doing a series of exercises in my bedroom to get the blood pumping or going on a jog at night with my puppy or another friend.

AA: Do you see your health journey ending in a finish line?

SA: If you want to be healthy and stay fit, I don’t think you are ever done with the journey. Like I said before, for me, I was never excessively obese. I started out at 150 pounds wearing 10/12 pants and large clothes. My goal weight is 130. I now weigh about 138 and wear a size 4/6 and am much more fit and toned. For someone who struggles with weight and body image, I don’t want to go back to wearing those sizes again or weigh that much (at least not until I decide to become a baby maker!), so it’ll be a constant journey for me to maintain weight and be healthy.


Sophia went from a size 12 to a size 4- She didn’t start out weighing a large amount (like I did when I started) but she took her body into her own hands, set a goal before her, enlisted help to achieve that goal, and allowed that goal to help propel her forward. She accomplished her Mud Run, and she get healthy- I would dare say that she had a great time while running! 

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