Remember Where You Started

This post is for those of you who have made progress from the beginning. Maybe you have lost 30 lbs, but have been spinning in circles trying to lose anymore; but you have been stuck at the same weight for weeks, months, or even years. We CAN NOT forget where we came from!

I just recently ordered a team jersey for my first Spartan race. I measured and was so excited to get it. I opened it up and tried it on. It doesn’t fit like it should. It is fine in the shoulders and the chest, it’s good in the hips, but I hate how my middle looks. I broke down into tears and was determined to try and get back on track.

STOP….Look Back!

Then I took a step back and realized I was upset about something that was a women’s cut, tight fit, and size small. The fact that I was able to get in it is a victory. I was crying because a small didn’t fit me, when in the past I was crying because a 2-xl barely fit me. We don’t see these victories, and we tend to see just a snapshot in the big picture. Sometimes you lose sight of how far you’ve come the longer out in the journey you are.


Take Note of Your Progress

I have gotten frustrated with myself when I didn’t get the amount of steps I should have, or my water ounces fell short for the day. I see my day as a failure if I ate something I shouldn’t have even though compared to my old way of life, this was really no big deal. It’s important not to settle, and keep striding forward. It is also as important not to forget the progress you have made.

Because You Care

This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my students the other day. This student has spent three 9-week grading periods really not caring about her school work. She didn’t do homework, and as a result did poorly on her tests. She didn’t really care though and was content just going through the motions. The other day, she came up to me and was begging for extra credit because she got a 69% and wanted to make it at least a 70%. Honestly, I was thrilled with a 69% because it was much higher than she had been getting.  I made a huge deal about this and told her I was so excited. She asked me why, and I replied with,” I am thrilled because you care!”

In the past, it wasn’t something she thought about. She didn’t care. I think about my own health journey, and in the past I never cared. I didn’t care what I ate, how much I ate, I wasn’t conscious of my water intake, or exercise. I didn’t care if something didn’t fit, I would just move up a size. The difference today is that I care!

Stay Aware

I’m struggling with food, with exercise, and all the things that make up my health journey. It bothers me every single day, many times a day. It is something I am aware of and striving to get better at. This is a victory!
The longer we are on the journey we tend to forget that struggling is normal and okay. It’s giving up that is the problem. Four years into my journey, giving up isn’t an option. Hold on to those victories and try on a shirt or pants that’s too big for you now. Look at a picture of you at your heaviest. Think about the little things you can do now, that you couldn’t before.

 You are on a journey of ups and downs, but NEVER forget where you started, and NEVER lose sight of where you want to be!