Refocused: Eyes on Jesus

It’s been so long since I have been able to sit down and write.  It’s the first day of June, but also my first day of summer break from teaching.  A lot has happened since I have been able to write. I have competed in my first Spartan Race, walked a 5k race with my husband, and also ran a 12k Xtreme Trail Run. I will be spending time writing about things I learned at those events, but today I wanted to focus on what I haven’t been doing.

On My Own

I haven’t been focused on keeping my eyes on Jesus. When this happens, I fall in many areas. I have been in a really bad cycle of poor eating, no exercise, and it has caused my stress level to climb.  The last month of teaching is always stressful anyways, but trying to tackle the days on my own, instead of turning to God makes things even more difficult.  This is a lesson I have written about in the past, and you would think I would remember this, but life can be so distracting. Thankfully His grace covers us, and we can have another chance to refocus and rely on Him.

Doing Things the Hard Way

I can’t help but wonder what my month would have been like had I been relying on Him fully.  I know I made things much more difficult on myself and others around me.  I acknowledge my mistake and I have repented and am refocused on Jesus.  This can be used as a parallel with food and exercise habits. We have times where we get way off track. This last month of habits was the worst I have experienced in 4 ½ years. I was off track, headed in the opposite direction. Just like my spiritual journey can be forgiven, so can my eating and exercise habits.  We could just keep going in the opposite direction and not acknowledge that we are falling, or we can stop and change our behavior.

Starting Over

Yesterday, I fasted choosing to refocus on my spiritual walk. I need to keep Jesus as my focus and source of strength.  Today, I take the next step which is getting back on track with my food and water.  I am going to the gym and I will start new habits.  I have restarted more times than I can count, but starting over a million times is better than giving up and never starting.

Moving Forward

As I move forward this summer, my goal is to put Jesus first. Set goals that I want to achieve. My goal is to be back at my goal weight by the time school starts in August, and start the school year running a half- marathon.  Right now, I couldn’t do that if I wanted to.  It will take a lot of work, but it will be worth it.
My prayer for you is that if you see you are spinning out of control, start with Jesus. First is the only place he should take in your journey.  The rest will come with time! Won’t you join me?