You Are Not Alone

I am writing this just minutes after my time on the elliptical this morning.  This means that I haven’t had my coffee yet, so bear with me.  I planned on writing this morning, so while working out I asked God to give me the words that He wanted me to share with you. I hope this post will bring you comfort and peace in knowing you are not alone on the journey.

A Common Thread

I can’t help but think about how many Facebook posts I have read lately talking about how someone is struggling, dealing with a huge distraction on the journey, and the feeling of defeat.  Listen to me. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Unfortunately, we can’t just put our lives on hold so that we can focus on our health journey. We have to live our lives and learn how to balance that focus. We can’t neglect our health either.  The balance is a tricky thing, and anyone who has been on this road knows what I am talking about.

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Sound Familiar?

You get that invitation to a party, and the first thing you try to figure out is what the food situation is. Should you go or not? Will the temptation be too great?

You have to pick someone up after work,make dinner, bathe the kids, and put them to bed. How in the world are you going to get your workout in? Could I order a pizza and workout while it’s being delivered? I’m being facetious here, but it’s a real struggle.

You are responsible for taking care of someone elderly, and your schedule is unpredictable. You are busy, and worrying about you is the last thing on your mind. Forgetting meals is easy to do when you are distracted, and forget time for a workout.

Realistic Expectations

This is real life. These are real scenarios that I have experienced, and others too!  Our journey isn’t about perfection, it’s about persistence. We have to keep going, no matter what life puts in our path.  I get messages from people telling me they had a cookie, and feel like they are completely off track.  One cookie, isn’t completely off track! We expect ourselves to be perfect, but we would never expect that of anyone else.

Do what you CAN do!

This health journey is about doing what you CAN do.  This is not to be confused with doing what you WANT to do.  I am able to wake up early to workout before I go to work. Believe me, I don’t always WANT to. It is however, something that I CAN do. The small things add up, but as long as we are moving forward doing all that we are able to do, then we are on track. Your “on track” may look different than someone else’s “on track”.  During race season, I am a much different eater and athlete.  It’s during that time that I am able to devote more time and energy to the journey.

Moving Forward

If you are thinking about your journey, and it bothers you when you are distracted then you are more than likely moving forward on the journey. It is when you stop caring that you are going backwards.  You are not alone, and I have learned after four years of being on the journey that there will be seasons of great progress and seasons of standing still.  Those are both seasons that are important along the way.  I usually am growing and learning more during those times where I feel like I am going no where.

You are all in my prayers as you continue your path, and I hope you are encouraged knowing that you aren’t the only one dealing with situations like these.  We are all in this together!