Motivation 101: When You Just Aren’t Feeling It!

How many of us feel like working out all the time?

It’s easy to be unmotivated especially once we are out of the routine.  I have experienced this so often, and found that it’s better to show up and do something than not show up and do anything! We tend to set these expectations that are so extreme and once we fail once, we fall completely off track.

Here are some things you can do to help motivate you to tap into your inner focused athlete!


Be Realistic

Our lives and households are all so different. Some of us have children at home. Some have work situations that make getting to the gym every single day nearly impossible. Make your workout plans realistic for YOUR situation.  For example, I started out 2014 being a stay at home mom and had many hours in the day to choose when I could get to the gym.  By the end of 2014, I was a full time working mom who had a much smaller window of time that I could spend at the gym. It isn’t realistic for me to commit to two hours at the gym every day. I would be setting myself up for failure. After a few days of not making it happen, then I would probably throw in the towel and not do anything.

If you can commit solid days at the gym, that’s great. If you can’t, try to think of ways you can squeeze some movement in at home or maybe on your lunch break. I am in the middle of figuring out how to make my own movement consistent, I have slacked the last few months. The weekends are much easier for me to get out, so I have to settle for doing something at home. This isn’t ideal for me, but this is what works.

What will work for you?


Be Conscious of Your Ability

I am 5 foot 2 inches tall, so slam dunking isn’t something you will see me doing anytime soon.  When you start a new workout routine, it is best to start with something you know you are capable of.  I wouldn’t start running on the treadmill at full speed on my first day back in the gym! Starting slow is so important, not only to avoid injuries, but also to give you some success. If I started running at full speed, lasted a minute and was miserable and out of breath, the chances of me coming back and sticking with it are very slim. If I start with a walk/run program and slowly build up feeling successful, then I would probably come back to keep trying to improve.

What is something you are capable of?


Track Your Progress

Make a chart for a visual! Track your weight and measurements! Take pictures! These things are so simple, yet they will make a huge difference. They will help you remember where you started. Sometimes on the journey, the further we go,we tend to forget just how far we have come. Seeing the progress makes a difference in our minds, which ultimately is gonna make a difference in our motivation.

I have gained 15 pounds in the last month, and that feels really bad. I was really down and beating myself up. I decided to pull out some pictures and remember that even though I have gained those pounds, I am still 85 pounds down from my heaviest.  Documenting your progress will be really important for the mental part of your journey.

What are you doing to track your journey?


Join Others

It’s always easier to do things with others than to attempt them on our own.  It gives you a sense of accountability. The chances of you skipping a workout with a friend is less than if you were just going to go on your own. It also makes working out more fun and seems less like a workout when you have someone with you encouraging you.

Who do you know that may be a great motivator?


Sign up for an Event or Create a Big Goal

When I feel unfocused, that is usually an indication that I need to sign up for a race! It gives me something big to keep me focused. If I don’t get my workouts in, then I will not be successful in my race.  I know this especially from my marathon training last year. I HAD to get my runs in or on race day I knew I wouldn’t finish. I just recently signed up for my first Spartan Race! It has obstacles along the course that require strength and stamina. I HAVE to be lifting and moving consistently or that race will defeat me. It helps hold me accountable and also kind of serves as a reward for all the hard work I am putting in during the training.

What is something you would like to participate in?


Remember Your “Why”!

Just last night in the Retrofit- Becoming Healthy Together Facebook page, I was inspired by a simple quote that one of our participants posted. “If you know the WHY, you can tolerate any HOW.”  Don’t forget why you started! Keep that at the forefront of your mind when you find yourself making excuses to take the easy way out, when you are feeling unmotivated, or when something seems impossible. We don’t always feel like going to work or appointments,but we go. We go because we know it’s best for us and others around us. Taking care of our health should be treated exactly the same!

What is your “Why”?

The journey is hard, really hard. It is worth fighting for! You won’t always be motivated, especially the further you get in your journey. Stay focused, try some of these next time you just aren’t feeling it!