Join our Holiday Challenge and Support the Wounded Warrior Project!

15 pound gain.

It was the price I paid. Way back before Biggest Loser, it would not be unheard of for me to gain 5-15 pounds in the six weeks between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I had no self control! Thanksgiving would happen, and then we would have leftovers for days. I would go to parties and get-togethers and eat food and hot chocolate and apple cider. At home I was surrounded by desserts made from family recipes: My heath suffered.

Holiday Weight Gain Changes

Since Biggest Loser major changes have been made in my home, but the struggle is still real. We don’t have cookies around us daily, and we change some recipes at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I still have to have a plan to survive the holidays.

Last year my Dad and I taught a class in our church about how to survive the holidays and it did really well, so we thought we would expand that class! What we came up with is the Holiday Challenge!

The focus is about us having the accountability, recipes, tips and daily devotions we need to stay on track and NOT gain weight before January! The challenge is super reasonable at $20 and it starts in ONE WEEK!

Wounded Warrior Project Donation with each sign up!

For the first time for RetroFit Ministries, if you sign up for the Holiday Challenge before Wednesday we will donate 10% to the Wounded Warrior Project in honor of Veterans Day! Get the support your need for you and help support a Veteran who has served your country at the same time!

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For every Person who joins the Holiday Challenge between the dates of November 10-12th, 10% will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. The challenge is not written by, sponsored by or endorsed by the Wounded Warrior Project in any way.