#ILoveMe Challenge- We Want YOU!

Who do you love?

Chances are you thought of a bunch of people around you! You love family and friends, but how about yourself? Loving yourself is a difficult subject for many of us, and some people may not be sure how this can be done.  We tend to be our biggest critics and focus on all the things we don’t like. The truth is, when you learn to love yourself, you will be able to love others even more!

Join Us!

We would LOVE for you to be a part of an exciting week that will hopefully change the way you see yourself!  February 13-February 19, 2015 RetroFit Ministries is going to be hosting a week dedicated to helping you make steps that will help you move forward on your journey!

This week will be like no week we have ever had in our FREE Becoming Healthy Together Facebook group! The discussion that this week will spur is going to be relevant to anyone, whether you have weight to lose or not! Everyone can benefit from this!  This week will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to get rid of insecurities that are holding you back, and encourage you to embrace the masterpiece that God has created! YOU!

What’s Included?

Motivational posts, Scripture, mini-actions to take, and every evening you will have a video dare! The dares will be a huge part in you setting your fears aside, should you choose to be courageous and accept it!  We will cover topics ranging from the ever popular selfie to finally taking that next step and doing what you have been putting off for so long because of your insecurities! The cost? FREE!!! Join our group today!

My prayer is that this week brings a new light to the way we see ourselves! Invite your family and friends to join the RetroFit Facebook Page, so that we can do this week together!