I found 1,000 Calories a Day that I Wasn’t Tracking

I was kind of hesitant to share this with anyone. I decided it would be more beneficial in helping someone else on their own journey, than to just keep it to myself. If I was doing this after losing a significant amount of weight, working with Retro Fit Ministries ,and being best friends with a personal trainer; then others have to be doing the same thing.


Frustration on the Scale

I have been so frustrated with my health journey the past few months. I know I have posted since my marathon that I was starting over a few times. I have done so well with my water intake, consistent workouts this month, and eating substantially better. However, the scale refused to budge. I was honestly working so hard, and I did lose a few inches. It’s not about the number on the scale, but that can be used as one of the measures of my progress. It made no sense that I was eating 1,200-1,400 calories, working out consistently with extra weight to lose, yet the scale stayed between three numbers.

While, I was honest about starting over and my intentions were good,there were some things I was lying about. I lied to myself and others around me. It is shameful and it reminds me of the old food behaviors I used to have. Eating in secret was something I had mastered when I was 100 pounds overweight. I never really understood the whole idea of lying to myself because I knew what I was doing to myself. I was in denial. I have been in denial for the past few months of a behavior that some may be able to relate to.

Lies I told myself

Probably every day for the past few months, I have developed a love for peanut butter. I rave about Pb2, and I use it in my oatmeal,dip my veggies in it, and add it to smoothies. One thing I don’t use Pb2 is to satisfy my late night craving and habit. This habit where I consume anywhere from 2-6 spoonfuls of peanut butter. These aren’t your little teaspoons, these are big, heaping spoonfuls unmeasured.

There it is, peanut butter. It has been possibly the only reason I am stuck where I am. Of course, I haven’t been tracking it. It’s just a few little spoonfuls. Lie. I don’t eat it often, just a few bites each night. Lie. If you do the math, we are looking at possibly 400-1,200 extra calories a day just in those “little spoonfuls”.

I recently spent the first twenty-one days of January without coffee creamer. I realized this was something I had gotten out of hand with. Coffee creamer isn’t bad necessarily in moderation. I like a little coffee with my creamer, and it’s just a “few spoonfuls”. They don’t really count, so I didn’t track those either. We are talking three to four cups of coffee a day.

Small Bites, Big Impact

I was eating probably 300-500 extra calories in creamer. Pair that with the 400-1,200 calories a day in peanut butter. This is a recipe for weight gain, and was the result of a habit I started during my marathon training while I was running hundreds of miles a month. I continued to keep these habits, while cutting down my fitness drastically. This is the reason I have gained 15 pounds since October, and have been unable to move the scale.

The little things add up, so we can’t ignore them like they don’t count.  I haven’t had peanut butter in six days, and I am not necessarily cutting it out of my life for good. I am, however, going to learn to develop a better relationship with it. As far as coffee creamer, I decided to enjoy it a few times a week instead of every cup. I also have learned to drink it black, so just a little bit is enough to be a treat.

Are You Being Honest?

I am embarrassed to admit that I exhibited this behavior. My hope in sharing this with you is that it makes you think about the “little spoonfuls” you may be consuming. Are you being honest with yourself and in tracking your food?  I am back to tracking diligently, EVERY bite. I am sending pictures of my food to an accountability partner, and I am excited to see the results that I have been wishing for, but not working for!