Five Keys to Unlocking Weight Loss

Holiday Challenge sign up Wounded WarriorFirst off, I just want to take 2 seconds to encourage you. I started my weight loss journey at a whopping 625 lbs. I am now 370 lbs and feeling amazing. I have a new life, a real life, a TRUE LIFE and I have come a long way in killing that old Fatman, so this NEW Mattman can arise!

As I have been working hard on this journey I have found that my number one help in this journey is God & Him alone. Please understand I have lost everything in my life. A wife, family, friends, job, ministry, & health. My weight was the biggest cause of all these problems in my life. After multiple years of slowly killing myself by overeating I came to a Bible passage in John 5:1-9 where Jesus asks the crippled man if he wants to be made well? I could identify with this story and it was like Jesus was asking me, “DO YOU WANT TO BE MADE WELL?” Duh, I responded and said YES, not only well, but I want to LIVE…. and this started my journey. Like a boxer I have been on the comeback trail to regaining my life and everything is being restored but NEW. I workout 5-6 days a week weight-lifting and 2-3 days a week swimming for cardio. I am fully committed to becoming healthy and the Man of God that He wants me to be. I have stumbled onto 5 keys that have helped me and will help anyone who is battling obesity or other addictions. Whether you have hurts, hang-ups, or habits, you too can overcome them all with God’s help.

Please note these 5 keys are taken from T.D. Jakes book ”Lay Aside The Weight” but have been modified using my own life experience.

The 5 Keys To Unlocking Weight Loss:

1. Motivation:

Why do you want to get healthy? (You’ve got to do it for yourself, not your family, friends.. but for YOU.) You deserve to have a LIFE.

2. Understanding:

Learn about your body and how it works. Learn how it digests food and what triggers cause you to binge eat at times. Learn to distinguish between head hunger and true hunger. When you stand at the fridge or the cabinet and it’s not a meal or snack time and you say, “hum, hum I wonder what I can eat.” This is a clear sign of head hunger and boredom.

3. Conviction:

Once you learn and understand how your bodies work and how food is just fuel,when tempted to eat things that are not good for you; you’ll have the strength and the conviction to overcome those times when the cookie calls out…. EAT ME, EAT ME. It’s not willpower, but in God’s strength and grace you will overcome.  The problem is in our mindset. With a proper conviction, changing of the heart and mind you will not fall for the trap.

4. Knowledge:

Know what you plan on eating this week. Make a list before you shop, plan out your meals, and if you have to go out to a fast food restaurant, check out their nutritional information on the internet.

(Personal Example Direct From My Facebook Posts) Hey friends if you have not tried the Fresco Style tacos from Taco Bell you are missing out. I stopped by today for a quick lunch and grabbed 2 of these @ only 170 Calories each. Taco Bell has tried to make their choices a little healthier by offering “Fresco Style.” Fresco Style replaces the cheese and sauce with a fiesta salsa made of diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro…. I give it an AAA+++ rating. If you want to try a tasty taco without the extra fat calories give this a try.

5. Trust:

You must learn to trust your body to reset itself as you are on this journey. Don’t use your new found freedom to say No Big Deal I can eat bad and get back on track. Listen this is true for some; but for many, once you get off the track and derail, it’s hard to get back on and move forward. What I have done to get back on track first is to have an accountability partner. Second, go ahead take 5 minutes and beat yourself up… it’s ok really! Now, shake that off and make your next snack or meal a better choice. That’s it.


This is to encourage you and not to beat you up. I pray for everyone that is dealing with weight-loss but above all make sure your motivation for weight-loss is clear and that you understand this is a NEW Lifestyle and not just a diet, fad, or gimmick that interrupts the destructive path you are now taking.