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Biggest Loser’s Courtney Crozier shares her Story

Recently I had the opportunity to share with Courtney Crozier, a former contestant with me on Biggest Loser 11. It was such a pleasant experience to reconnect with her. Of all the contestants on our season of Biggest Loser, no one was a more positive influence than Courtney. If you are reading this interview, you probably already have experienced this to some extent. She is simply infectious and a joy to be around. Read and be encouraged!

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Courtney Croziers weight loss results

Ken- When did you first realize your weight was an issue?

Courtney- I think for a very long time I pushed my weight out of then way because I never want it to define me. I can honestly say I have never allowed it to define me, but I also shouldn’t have let it not matter at all either. It was my sophomore year in college when I really started to realize how much of an impact my weight was having on my body. I lived across the street from campus and instead of walking to school, because I didn’t want to get winded or sweat, I would drive to the parking lot across the street to be just a little bit closer to my classes. Things like this happened on a daily basis and after a few months of that, I really realized I had to make a change. I started making small changes and I haven’t looked back a day since then!

I would drive to the parking lot across the street to be just a little bit closer to my classes.

Ken- Some people, like myself, cant point their weight gain back to traumatic events or like Austin can trace it to bullying; Do you have a moment that you see your weight gain stemming from?

Courtney- I definitely don’t blame any one thing for why I gained weight. I came out big as a baby! I will never be a small girl and I’m okay with that! The bottom line about weight for me and for many people is that even through rough patches in your life (ie bullying, abuse, genes, etc) YOU and only YOU can make choices to change yourself or your surroundings for the better. It’s that ownership of the situation…of your own life and your own body that will get you through ANYTHING. I remind myself of my choices on a daily basis and I know that maintaining this healthy lifestyle is MY choice. I don’t live in excuses anymore.

Ken- What were some of your excuses?

Courtney- That I had way too far to go & would never be able to lose close to 300 pounds. That I was a busy college student with no time! That I wasn’t unhealthy so I didn’t HAVE to lose weight. I made every excuse in the book. But then I realized that life changes when the excuses stop! The rest is history 🙂

Ken- Change, especially a lifestyle change like physical health, takes some Hope for it to be successful; Where did you first see that hope for your own health?

After you take the first steps to take control of your life, once you start seeing progress that alone should inspire you!

Courtney- Seeing others like me, like contestants who were on previous seasons of Biggest Loser, or people in my own life who had made changes definitely helped me see the light and have more hope for the situation that I had made for myself. After you take the first steps to take control of your life, once you start seeing progress that alone should inspire you! I can say that the progress I saw myself making, mostly mental, helped me and continues to help me and inspire me on a daily basis. I am also inspired every single day by my Facebook and twitter friends, my own family members, and close friends who have taken control of their lives and have started to make healthy changes. We are all in this together and hope and inspiration is all around if you just look for it! The first step is looking in the mirror and believing in yourself!

Ken- So your journey started while you were at college- how did Biggest Loser factor into your journey?

Courtney- The Biggest Loser was the middle point of the journey for me. I had already lost 112 pounds before stepping foot on the ranch, so I knew how to do that. BL showed me how strong I really am and how much my body can do! Before the ranch, I didn’t know I could hike mountains, or run at a 12.0 on the treadmill, or really help others change their lives too just by being an example! It also helped me spiritually being around like-minded people in Christ who all give it up to Him at the end of the day. That was something that wasn’t shown on TV, but it really was a huge part of my journey and a lot of the BL11 contestant’s journeys. I firmly believe that came through on TV, whether words were spoken about it or not.

Ken-BL could edit our words away, but they can’t take the spirit of God that’s within us!

Courtney- Exactly! I wouldn’t have been able to get through without God’s love and guidance through it all! I feel the same today and look to Him for guidance on a daily basis. Honesty, I am a stronger individual all around because of the show and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity. Living in the real world is hard though, and it cannot be compared to BL. It’s all about finding a balance and I feel blessed to have found that balance after being in an all or nothing situation.

Ken- Courtney, You lost weight at home, and you were successful, then you went on the Biggest Loser, and your were successful- What for you is the key to this health journey?

Courtney Crozier with an amazing transformationCourtney- I decided to take small steps and never look back!!! And I haven’t a day since then. That was long before being on The Biggest Loser, and it continues now. Of course things always have to be adjusted and nothing is ever perfect! It would be too boring doing the same thing every single day anyways! Some days I am better when it comes to food, exercise, praying, sleeping, or anything else that goes into my healthy lifestyle than other days. But it all balances out and that’s the most important part of my journey…BALANCE! 🙂

Ken- Forgive me if it’s prying a bit, but as a pastor, I love the spiritual aspect to this journey, so I have to ask. What has your faith meant to you on this journey? How has it influenced you, strengthened you, and guided you through this journey?

Courtney- I love the prying! 🙂 Faith has truly meant absolutely everything to me. I believe that it has got me through every single trial and tribulation on this journey. My God is amazing & has shown me that everything happens for a reason & it’s all His work. Put your faith first & you can do anything! I truly believe that with all that I am!

Ken- During this Christmas Season is there anyone in particular you would give thanks for who was crucial to this life change?

Courtney- Wow, this is a tough one! I have SO many people who have helped support and love me through everything. First and foremost is God because I wouldn’t be anywhere without Him. My parents have loved me through thick and thin (literally) and have supported every single hope and dream I have ever had. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I have to say thank you to my sister who loves me but also tells me like it is. She calls me out if she has to and I appreciate that. I of course have to thank all of the crew on BL for loving me long after our season stopped taping. There are so many behind the scenes people who make things happen, but most importantly love us through it all! My BL11 family, the cast & trainers, who I know I can reach out to for ANYTHING. I’m grateful for the friendships I made on the show and I know a lot of our cast will be lifelong friends. There’s no doubt about that. I have to thank Chris and Heidi Powell for supporting and loving me from the VERY beginning of my journey and still do till this day. They are the “real deal” when it comes to trainers and friends! And my boyfriend Alex who has held me accountable each and every single day before, during, and after the show and has been on this ride with me. I am so blessed to have a best friend in my life who understands this fight, fights its with me each day, and loves me through the ups and downs. As you can see, I am a very blessed girl and I hope everyone mentioned here or not mentioned knows how grateful I am for the love and support!!!

Ken- Do you consider this journey finished?

We have to find new goals to work towards to continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

Courtney- I don’t believe there is EVER a finish line! We have to find new goals to work towards to continue to live a healthy lifestyle! The journey is not just about weight…there are SO many things that are involved and for that it is never finished. I am happy, healthy, and learning something new each day! There’s not a greater feeling than that!  🙂

Ken- Well, since your journey isn’t finished I think people should take a look at your life and your inspiration. Follow Courtney on Facebook and be inspired by her health and wellness achievements and constant learning! Also, I would really encourage you; Austin and I are really excited for the year of 2013! We have a lot being planned, and in the next few days we will be releasing our first BIG announcement of the new year! If you want to get the EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT for  RetroFit Ministries, sign up below!