ThankStories: Changed Lives

Ken and Austin showcasing peoples Changed Lives

Ken and Austin have been embraced by America, but they want to showcase individuals that have achieved the most amazing Changed Lives. Lets celebrate them!

Embracing the Changed Lives you deserve!

A few months ago my Dad and I were discussing what our mission is as a ministry: who we are as an organization and what it is we do. An organization has to have a singular mission, and while I don’t know if this is the wording that will live on forever, I do know, Our mission will always focus on people achieving Changed Lives.

The Changed Lives Dream

Now, let me explain because this is sort of a backwards way to plan. Usually, people have a dream and/or a mission, and then create/plan an organization that focuses on that mission, and people’s lives begin to change. This is partially what my dad and I did, but our focus started out on just one part of how we would accomplish our mission – Our Speaking Opportunities. Now, we see this as one small piece of our plan, but we have realized that our mission is vastly bigger and more complex than this one piece.

Now- I am not against the speaking part- In fact, I love speaking and I am extremely thankful for the opportunities(By the way, We are in Arizona speaking this whole weekend!) BUT- Most of the time, and I think any really honest pastor will agree to this(I’m stepping on toes now!), life change doesn’t normally happen in 30-45 minute sermons. Life change happens, and the most meaningful support happens, between Sunday night and Saturday evening. It’s the LIFE part that most of us struggle with. Living in Changed Lives means putting in the time and the work!

Lets Live Changed Lives

I believe a life of Health is EXACTLY like this! We can do our time in front of our trainer 1-3 hours a week, but if we don’t put in the time Sunday to Sunday, we will NOT successfully lose weight.

For these reasons, I wanted to do a series of blogs focused on people that are accomplishing this journey Monday through Sunday! People that are making this life change happen, people that are blowing up their old habits and creating healthy habits, instead! This is to Help motivating ALL OF US Forward!

I will tell you this- some I will feature have been on this journey a long time. Some people have only been on this journey for a short time. Some  had 300+ pounds to lose and others 20. INSTEAD of focusing on how far they had to go- let’s CELEBRATE with all of them their progress!

I am glad to announce the beginning of the RetroFit Ministries ThankStories.

Be watching this MONDAY morning for the first ThankStory Post!