Busting the Bucket List

My new life is full of endless possibilities. I am able to do all the things I was never able to do because of my obesity. I never thought about ever doing a bodybuilding competition until my friend Curtis at the gym said, “Next year I should do one.”

At this point in my journey I am not ready for this. I have too much excess skin and tissue still to be removed before I could ever think about a competition. Also I don’t fully know how I will look after healing up. Curt said, “Matt you need to do at least one show. One show just to say you did it.”

When Curt and I talked, I was just floored that someone thought that I would be good at this. Honestly, it has always been a childhood fantasy or desire seeing Flex and Muscle Development magazines or movies with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Jay Cutler.

I remember walking out of the gym that day praying as I got into my car, “Lord if this is something you would like me to do as a way of serving you, then I am all for it. I will continue to be consistent and faithful in eating right, working out hard, and  serving you, Lord. Nothing is impossible for you.”

For now, I don’t know what the future holds concerning this. I will keep this on the shelf of faith, and allow God to line things up if He wants me to do this, after all I have a new life full of possibilities.

Forget the Bucket List,

That list of things you want to do or accomplish before you die should be forgotten.yeah, it was a great movie!! Well, at least a good movie with a great message, but I say No!! No to having a bucket list because since January 5, 2012; Jesus has touched my life and brought change, transformation, and NEW Life. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” John 14:6.

The Old Versus the New

I recently had this discussion with a friend about how with my new life, I want to do things. I want my life to be active, full, vibrant, meaningful with no regrets. I want to experience life, new things, go on adventures. I mean why not!? Don’t I deserve a life, a full life with endless possibilities? After all Christ died, so I could have life.

My Old Way of Life

When I was super morbidly obese, I never wanted to do anything that required physical activity. After all, moving a 625 pound man took way too much energy.  I could barely walk to begin with, always gasping for breath and never feeling like I could get a full breath. My quality of life stunk compared to what I have now. I found that any physical movement, even the everyday mundane was not very enjoyable. For example, It use to only take me seven minutes to get ready in the morning. I don’t mean dressed, I mean showered, shaved, hair done, cologne, and underarm deodorant on ready to get dressed. Then as my health got extremely bad; I noticed it would take longer and longer to wash dishes, make food, clean house, use stairs, driving a car, play with kids, spend time with the spouse, heck even preaching required me to sit on a chair and use a music stand as a makeshift pulpit all because it took too much energy and strength to stand.  All the everyday tasks and enjoyments that normal sized people do required way too much of me physically and it was hurting not only me but everything, everyone I held near and dear to my heart.


If I said it once I’ll say it again, it took losing everything I cared for, wife, family, friends, job, ministry, and my health even to the point of dying inside, broken, hurt, confused before I was willing to surrender everything to God. I shouted out loud I can’t do this anymore, my life is a mess, I am in ruins and I don’t know what to do. Some would say I was hit the bottom of the barrel or I was in the pit of life, and in that moment of desperation I called out to God to Help me.


Bottom Line

You too don’t need a bucket list of things to do before you die. I challenge you to start today and write a life list and move forward in accomplishing those things with this NEW LIFE that you have.