Accept It or Reject It: Protect Your Journey

As A Former Pastor

of a church I understand the need to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in the church. If it was a program or process that wasn’t  giving the desired results after three to six months, it was evaluated, analyzed, and either tweaked, kept as is or replaced. I have never been afraid to try something different, even though change was often super hard for my little church to get behind.

Using My Gift

Evaluating or Analyzing the process of things has always been a part of my life; whether it’s seeing how a church or company is being run or if the people or employees are getting the overall vision, mission, purpose, and how it’s being effectively communicated to a certain target audience. I am very grateful that since my life was radically changed, transformed, and made whole again in 2012 that I am able to use this gift of administration and evaluation to apply it to my life & health journey.

I evaluate everything from what I eat, its timing, its affect on my body etc. Does it give me the most bang for my buck or am I just spinning my wheels using the knowledge of others that has no real practical application for my body? Even when using different equipment and machines at the gym, I am always in an evaluation mode and looking to always find and use the best-of-the-best.

I like to think outside the box. I am not a theory type guy. I never read books or articles about theories from theorists. I am a practical application guy. I am always looking for the people and resources of those who are actually doing what others are just thinking about doing. I am always asking the BIG question: SO WHAT? NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION?

A Way Of Life For Me

I am always thinking of every aspect of my journey. Some say I am over thinking things, but in reality I want to be the best Me I can be. I owe it to God and my future family to not just be laid back and hope for the best. NO! I refuse to just go with the standard flow of what the fitness industry says. God has blessed me with a unique gift of administration and evaluation.  I have found that this gifting is being used by Him in every aspect of my life, not just in the church world.  It may be strange to some people that I evaluate everything I do with my life and health journey, but I found that I need to be this way. I need to be very protective of my journey, my food intake, my exercise, but the truth is no one is going to hold your hand and do this for you.

Sure, Ken, Austin, the team, and myself can encourage you, but you’ve got to do the work. This is a way of life for me and hopefully this becomes a way of life for you too. Be protective of your journey the way I am of mine. Remember this: It’s OK to try and fail as long as you get back up, shake yourself off and keep moving forward.