3 Ways #ILoveMe- By Kim Halper

I am so excited to be writing this blog for Retro Fit Ministries! My name is Kim Halper and I have struggled with my weight my entire life!  I have worked hard over the past year, and I have lost over 50 pounds!  Since adopting clean eating and working out, I have been able to get off insulin I was taking for type 2 diabetes and no longer have to take cholesterol medications!

A Work in Progress

I am so excited about the #Iloveme challenge!  This is something that I’m still a work in progress with.  I grew up with an alcoholic abusive father, so it was hard to feel loved as a child.  I continuously read The Bible and meditate on God’s Word about being created in His own image and what a wonderful thing that is!  For God to create each of us, He truly loves us and therefore we should love ourselves!

1) Taking Care of Us

Taking care of ourselves is important!  I take time to care of my physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.  I make sure that I eat the right foods and exercise.  I also make sure to listen to my body and rest when I need to.  It’s not good to over train or go without resting.  When I’m finding myself headed into a funk, I turn on some good uplifting music.  For me, music has a way of lifting my spirits and helping to change my outlook.

2) Journaling

I also have begun journaling as a way to feeding my emotional soul.  Journaling is an outlet to let out my feelings and to work out worries or frustrations.  I also try to look for positive phrases and mantras to read each day.  I read a lot! I try to read at least 30 minutes of Scripture, and then some personal development writings as well.

3) Time with Friends and Family

I also take time to spend time with family and friends.  It’s nice to reconnect with positive people who love and support you.  You kind of refill your “love tank”!  Feeling their love and support helps me love myself!

There are  many small things you can do throughout your day and week to help show yourself that you’re a special person!

What are some things you do to show yourself love?