3 Steps to Overcoming Excuses

Learning to Overcome Excuses!

A while back, I had the opportunity to share my story with a small school out in Camarillo! The students were incredibly respectful, very attentive, very much focused on what I had to say and I had an incredible time. Part of what I love is getting to meet people at different places! People are nice, but while the faces and names might be different, people in most places are the same. They act the same, they fear the same, they respond the same- people, everywhere I’ve gone, have the same fears and struggles. People need help Overcoming Excuses!

I met one woman, who in a lot of ways embodied the fear that each of us face. I believe I would describe it as the fear to change. She feared her possibility. She feared the reaction to her change. She feared how hard it would be. She feared greatly.
Her fear had paralyzed her, but she has every opportunity to change. She can change- She can focus.

Focus forward.
Focus on your freedom.
Focus on your ability to change.

No chain binds her to the chair she is in. The only thing that holds her down is her own fears, and the excuses her fears drive her to.
Rather than FACE her fears, she lets herself get distracted, and she focuses on everything but the fear. She sees only the excuses and then she believes them.

They are only there to distract you from where you are headed! An excuse is NOT your better judgment; it is a wall THAT YOU BUILD to keep you from your GOALS!

1. 1st step to Overcoming Excuses is a solid plan: write down what you want!

I want you take out a piece of paper, grab a white board and marker, or create a daily reminder on YOUR CELL PHONE! The reminder, or paper or WHEREVER you put it, is a focus sheet! I want you to write your focus- where are you headed, what you want to accomplish it!

2. 2nd step to Overcoming Excuses is get motivated towards your goal!

Put up signs around you to remind you of your goal. Put up a visual of what you want to accomplish, like for me, I love the way that Dwayne Johnson looks. I would love to look like him someday- NOW- I will tell you that I am fighting genetics to get there and I have no idea if I will eve make it, but I will try my best to make it. I am motivated. I know what I want to accomplish and I wake up to make this my life. Get

3. 3rd Step to Overcoming Excuses is stay focused on your goals by surrounding yourself with positive and successful people.

First, I would suggest you join our Facebook Group called “Becoming Healthy Together” which is full of people who have been on the journey a while AND people just starting!

If you struggle with this point, here are some possible ways to step out: 1) most hospitals have free programs for people who are diabetic, to encourage them to start a healthy life – these often include walk groups. Make a phone call to see if that is available. 2) Google “meet-up groups” in your area, and see if there are any people who meet regularly to walk. Join them! 3) Check out a local junior college and see if they have any beginning physical classes – try something new such as Tai Chi, or beginning aerobics, or beginning yoga. Finally, on your focus sheet, write yourself a note – that you will not longer allow other people to dictate your fears.


You can MAKE THE CHANGES! Post the changes you want make below!