September: Goodbye Food Entitlement

Does the Journey Get Easier?

Someone asked me yesterday if eating right is easy for me now. It has been almost four years, after all. My response was no, and I don’t know if it will ever be easy for me. It’s my normal now, and most of the time I choose to eat right. The truth is that I am still tempted every meal, and I have to make a conscious decision every time. It’s not an automatic thing that happens easily.  It’s a meal by meal choice that I have to choose for myself and be intentional about.

Will Run for Food

It’s been really easy to get off track lately. I can tell you that after a recent weekend feast I had. Running long distances and training for a marathon is great, but unfortunately it gives me this mindset that I deserve to eat bad foods. Food Entitlement.  I earned it, and have tons of calories to make up for. Runners I have met are some of the most unhealthy eaters because of this mindset. There are t shirts and posters all over that read: I run so I can eat or I run for cupcakes.

I run so I can eat anything I want, Right?

I used to step on the scale and if I saw a loss, then I felt the need to have a treat or eat badly to celebrate the loss. This mindset that I earned it, and deserve it entered my mind.  This is so backwards! This is the exact mindset that happens on the weekends of my long runs. I eat pretty clean most of the time. This weekend, I ate everything unless it was on the clean eating list.

My Recent Post-Run Feast

I ran sixteen miles on Saturday, I deserve and have plenty of room to eat all the things I never eat. This is my Food Entitlement. Ashamed, I am going to share the list of things in no particular order.

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Pizza

  • Ben and Jerry’s

  • Pasta

  • Excess amounts of pita chips/hummus

  • Potato chips

  • Orange juice

  • Cheese..a lot of it

  • Peanut butter on a spoon

  • Creamer in my coffee

  • Popcorn in excess

I am positive there are things I am forgetting. I was eating until I was sick, and eating just to eat. This sense of entitlement gave me a six pound weight gain, and has me feeling disgusting. My body is paying for it big time. I am uncomfortable, nauseous, and bloated. I should be feeling amazing after a run like that. Instead, I cancelled it out by eating garbage

My Commitment for September

September is going to be a month where I resist the urge to eat bad foods. I am committing to eating right this month. Even after I run my eighteen and twenty mile long runs this month. My birthday is this month, but I don’t have to eat bad foods to celebrate. I have roughly a month and a half until my marathon. I need to be in the best shape of my life. I won’t get there by binging on these types of foods every weekend.

Does it get easier? No. What gets easier is the conscious decision to keep fighting for my health and get back on track. I will keep fighting, and after this weekend I remember exactly how I don’t want to feel physically and mentally.

What commitment do you need to make this month? Comment below- and share it with me!