Healthy Grab and Go Breakfasts!

Grab and Go Breakfasts For a Healthy Lifestyle are sometimes hard to come up with!

I think all of us can agree what we need some ideas of what to grab in the mornings. I mean, if you were anything like me, I wouldn’t touch food most days until 10am or even lunch time! Then I was incredibly hungry, and I ate more than I should, yet the whole morning I basically let my body believe it was going to be a day full of famine.

This is a recipe for disaster and its not promoting a healthy, balanced diet!

Quest Bars picLet’s list out some options for breakfasts, and start to think about the options that we really do have!

 Quest Bar

The easiest and quickest way to go is a small protein bar and I can’t think of too many bars that are better qualified than Quest Bars! High in protein with reliable, high quality ingredients, you can’t pick a better-balanced and enjoyable protein bar! My personal favorite is the Cookies and Cream flavor, but they have a ton of options including Smore’s, PB & J, Vanilla Almond Crunch and even a Mixed Berry Bliss!

eggcups2 Turkey Bacon Egg Muffin

Bake them on sunday and have a ready to go breakfast the whole week! Take a Muffin tin and line the edge with the Turkey Bacon slice then fill it in with your egg based filling! You can use a whole egg or egg whites and you can incorporate vegetables, as you like!

Egg and Avocado Toast

I enjoy a small half of an avocado with some egg whites on a whole grain and nut slice of toast! If I want to forgo the avocado I can use a slice of Pepper Jack Laughing Cow Spread.

apple-peanut-almond-butter-sandwiches-kid-snacks-school-lunchApple & Almond Butter Sandwiches

Slicing apples and inserting some almond butter and maybe some granola is a quick and easy way to get your breakfast in quickly!

Omelet/Tortilla Wraps with feta

Using an egg white for the base of the omelet and then filling it with a slice of meat or some vegetables and a little feta is perfect! Then, take the omelet and fill a whole wheat high fiber tortilla with the fresh deliciousness!

What are some healthy breakfasts that YOU go to often? Comment below!