Food Perspective


FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Eating is the most critical part of this life and health journey.  You have heard it said that 30% of the journey is exercise and 70% nutrition. This is correct.  I never knew how important food was to my life until God changed my way of thinking.  After the first month of being on my journey, I discovered that food is just fuel. Just like there are different grades of gas for the automobile, there are also different grades of food.  Not all foods are the same.  It’s like the difference of having a Boston cream doughnut or a multigrain English muffin.  The doughnut will burn fast in your system and give you quick energy for about 30-40 minutes;where eating the multigrain English muffin will burn slower and give you sustained energy for 2-3 hours.

I use to have a very distorted view of food. I had a 3 criteria approach to food.

  1. Taste good
  2. Look good
  3. Be good for you  

However, I realized that this is not how I should be thinking, nor was this the proper approach to food, so I flipped these criteria around.

  1. Be good for you
  2. Look good
  3. Taste good

Now when it comes to choosing food or preparing it I ask myself, “Self, does this food you are preparing meet the (B.L.T.) criteria?”   *not Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato.


Four time  Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler says, “Eat for function, not taste.” However, I say we eat for function, but don’t have to skimp out on flavor. If you think food has to be bland, boring, plain, then think again. I get asked all the time what I do to my food so that I don’t get tired of eating it?

I have found that using different sauces and marinades are great for proteins. I like variety in my nutrition. I have used citrus, oils,  seasoning, low sodium or no sodium marinades like Mrs.Dash or if I am not worried about the sodium, I like McCormick Grill Mates. I keep at least 3 sauces in my fridge at all times. Medium Taco Sauce, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ, & Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard.  Be creative and experiment with the different seasons and marinades, or just make your own.


If you only had $50.00 to buy real food or just a protein supplement powder, I will always tell you to buy real food first! Why? Supplements are just that, a supplement for real food, a second choice for nutrition. Yes, supplements are a great way to get quick nutrition and calories if you’re on the go, and don’t have time to eat a real meal.  I use supplements in the form of whey protein for a post-workout shake, and then eat a real meal 40-45 minutes later.  At times, I have used a protein bar to curb my appetite while between real meals. Supplements are helpful if you use them in the right way.  I will go into more details about supplements in a different blog update, but for now know that supplements should never be your first choice for nutrition. Always go with real food.

CHALLENGE FOR YOU: Comment below and let me know your thoughts. What you do to flavor your food and what supplements you use and why