Eating At the Buffet and Family Style Meals!

A Woman in our Free Health Support Group on Facebook posted:
I am stressing about the food tomorrow! Texas, y’all, we are talking b-b-q, brisket, potato salad, baked beans, sausage, and I’m pretty sure not a green veggie in sight. And I don’t even want to think about the desserts!!! Temptation will be all up in my face. Any strategies???

Eat before the event:

Do not walk in STARVING! If you are anything like me, walking into a buffet/family style meal hungry is like standing next to your own Old West Wanted Poster with the sheriff walking by. It’s going to get you in trouble!

What I suggest is having a healthy snack or even meal before the event. This will allow you to control your actions and not feel driven to overeat or eat things you’ll regret later!

Bring Healthy Options:

If you are not going to a buffet, but if you are heading to a family meal, offer to bring a tray of vegetables or a big salad. This way, you can control those items and know that you always have an option to rely on!

Grab Small Plates:

Don’t walk around a family style meal with huge plates that you are tempted to fill up with food! Don’t do it! Grab that smaller plate, limit your trips to the food serving tables, and stay in control of your food intake!

Focus on small portions and healthy options:

Along with the small plates, get small portions. Reserve yourself to a single serving-spoon or a half serving-spoon full of food. This allows you, again, to control your portions and limit the “damage” this single meal could do! If you do really want some unhealthy options then choose between this “great unhealthy food” OR this other “great unhealthy food”, and only take one. (Suggestions by Colleen in our Facebook Group)

Speak up for yourself:

While you are never about flaunting your healthy choices or decisions, if people badger you about it, speak up. You don’t have to be super defensive, but you can let people know that you are trying to make healthy personal choices. You are there for the community and you are making your own choices!

Eat Slowly:

Remember, the whole point of this family style meal is the company. You are here to spend time with loved ones, friends, and new folks you are excited to talk to. Spend time talking; take your time while eating. Make conversation with people and be excited. Talk between bites. Eat slow- Take your time!

Do your best, and get back on it tomorrow:

Remember, you are doing the best you can. That’s the focus, and when the meal is over, its over. You don’t have to focus on how good or bad you did. All you do is get back onto healthy choices you can make today and tomorrow. Make those choices, and let your journey continue forward!
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