5 Healthy Easter Basket Ideas!

1. Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate and fruit go together! Dip whole strawberries, grapes, or banana slices in melted chocolate. Microwave the chocolate on half power in 30-second increments, stirring between spurts, until smooth (or I actually use a double boiler). Place the delicious chocolate covered fruit in cupcake paper so the chocolate doesn’t smear all over the rest of the basket’s contents. To scale back on the chocolate, drizzle the melted stuff over fruit with the tines of a fork. For an added crunch, roll the fruit in chopped nuts (we like almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios) or even raw oats!

2 . Get SOLO treats!

I’m not usually able to eat two squares of chocolate and then walk away. Chocolate bars are good and delicious and all, but individually wrapped chocolate offer built-in portion control. Instead of ripping open a bar, grab one or two pieces at a time to enjoy!

3. Dark Chocolate

The regular easter-chocolates are loaded with sugar, syrups, and hard-to-pronounce chemical junk. While I wouldn’t tell you to avoid the candy completely (that’s just cruel), you can choose a healthier chocolate bar. To reap the benefits of dark chocolate, choose a bar with 70 percent or more cacao.

Healthy bonus points: Cacao has been shown to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for coronary heart disease. Make sure the first ingredient on the label reads “cocoa butter” or “cocoa liquor.” When sugar is the first ingredient, it may taste sweeter, but it has far fewer health benefits. Organic chocolate bars, while generally a little pricier, are more bang for your buck. Why? They’ve got fewer ingredients (usually just cocoa, sugar, and sometimes an emulsifier, vanilla, and milk) while other bars feature artificial flavors and cocoa processed with alkali (which knocks out some of the flavanol antioxidants).

4. Peanut Butter Eggs

Who doesn’t like the peanut butter shaped treats! Though store-bought eggs taste like the nectar of the Easter Gods, they’re often oversized and full of not-so-healthy ingredients and chemicals and enough sugar to make a rhino diabetic. SO! Make your own PB eggs with this recipe!

5. Carrots


The Easter Bunny loves ‘em, right? And so does Grimmway farms! Wrap a few carrot sticks with green ribbon, or Grimmway Farms baby carrot bag to jazz up your easter basket! Toss a few individual hummus containers in the basket as well for a healthy dipper treat.

What are YOUR ideas to make Easter more Healthy?!