The Night Before the Marathon

Honestly, it feels strange to be writing the final posts about my journey to the marathon.

Even though I sit here two days after I ran the race, and my muscles are sore; it is hard for me to believe that I actually did it. Thinking about completing the race had been on my mind since last December. It felt much like a wedding or having a child in that the anticipation is built up, and then just like that it’s over, and we are expected to return to our “normal” lives.

Carb loading and Conversation

While enjoying a pasta dinner at a really nice restaurant the night before the marathon with friends, I envisioned what exactly the marathon would be like. We talked about our goals, expectations, and things we had gone through during our training. I was so excited, and felt like I was more prepared and ready for the race. That is…until I got in the car.

Emotional and Beyond

The whole week leading up to the marathon had been an emotional roller coaster for me. I cried daily, multiple times a day just thinking about how I was going to be attempting this huge feat, a metaphor for my journey. So, here I am in the car ready to throw up everything I just ate because my nerves had got the best of me. I was bawling like a baby, and doubting my training. I was second guessing everything I was doing, and felt anxious. My husband Todd did his best to remind me that I have been training diligently, and everything would be ok.

God is always right on time

I got back to my hotel room, and decided to play some motivational music that would calm me down. My mind was my worst enemy at that moment. Then, I had a knock at the door. My friend Christina, who is involved in Retrofit Challenges had arranged a surprise for me. She handed me a book, full of my race history to show me how far I have come. It had my blog posts that I had written leading up to this day, and took the time to highlight different pieces of advice. The advice I gave to others, was now advice I needed myself. There were pieces of Scripture,and running quotes. The best part was in the back. Letters from many people I have impacted or inspired through Retrofit. I read through the entire book, and it was exactly what I needed. It came at the perfect time, right in the middle of my doubting tornado of thoughts. It gave me strength and hope for my race in the morning. The support was so helpful to me, and like God always does, right on time. It gave me so much peace, and I went to bed.

God’s Plans > My Own Plans


This whole evening was really confirmation for me that I am doing exactly what I should be doing. God has placed me here in this journey, and has called me to help others using my journey as a ministry, I want to do this full time eventually. I want to impact lives through Retrofit Ministries. In all honesty, my night before the marathon was just as much, if not more memorable than actual race day, This culmination to my emotional week leading up to the big race revealed so much to me.


 Stay tuned to future posts to read about my race day experience!