Spartan Race: Believing You Can

I told you in another post that I learned many things from my first Spartan Race. I have to say the most valuable thing is that I am capable of even more than I thought. Along with this, I want to say that what you are capable of has more to do with your mind, than your physical capabilities.

A Positive Mind Set

My strategy throughout the Spartan Race, obstacles and miles was to tell myself that I could do it.  Sounds simple,right? A lie, maybe? I had to have faith in knowing that I could do it, if I really wanted it. Could I climb an 8 foot wall by myself? No, but I had my team behind me. Could I conquer my fear of heights by doing all I could to try and get up and over the wall? Yes! It was a mind set, not about my physical limitations.

Doubt Creeps In

I was about 3 obstacles in, and really doubting my training because I was already tired and we had just begun.  I was in the race mentally though, and my natural athletic ability kicked into high gear. I had adrenaline, and energy since I had just started the race. I had a few walls, and some barbed wire crawl behind me.  I was standing in line to get up a wall using only a rope.  The rope had knots, but I had to start in muddy water up to my knees and then pull myself up and over using the rope.

I Think I Can

As I stood in line, I saw a few things. I watched about five people in front of me fall.  They were unable to get up the wall, and had to do 30 penalty burpees.  One thing stood out to me as I was mentally preparing for this obstacle.  I heard at least three of them say right from the beginning that they couldn’t do it.  They already had placed the seed of doubt in their mind, and had decided that they couldn’t do it. It was my turn at the wall, as I gripped the slippery rope, and trusted my treaded trail running shoes up the wall.  From the beginning, I told myself that this obstacle was mine and I could do it.  Below is the video clip of me conquering that wall.

My proudest moment of the Spartan next to the finish! I surprised myself and was reminded that I am capable of more than I think!

Posted by Julie Wilson on Saturday, May 16, 2015


Mind Over Matter

I was so fortunate to have my brother be there to capture this moment on video.  He only got to see me at three obstacles, and this was my most memorable one from the entire race. This was where I took all my doubts, fears, and negative thoughts and threw them to the side.  Leading up to the race, in what should have been months of training, I had two weeks of solid training and eating right. I set myself up for physical failure, but I mentally overcame that on the course at this specific obstacle.

Just Keep Going

From that point on, I made every effort to own my race. I would keep going, no matter what. I would finish, and I would help others finish. I would do my very best, even if I failed 3 obstacles and had to do penalty burpees. I left my fear on the side, and dug deep.  I held on to Scripture like Phillipians 4:13, Matthew 17:20, and 1 Samuel 17:50.  I could do all things, I only needed a little faith, and I could conquer these giants.

Heart, Courage, and Strength

I can’t even explain my entire race experience in words. My heart grew, my courage surprised me, and my physical capabilities were more than what I thought I had. I hope that this lesson from my first Spartan Race speaks to others, and that I can hold onto this experience as I move forward in other races and life in general.  I am so thankful I had this opportunity, and I need to hold onto these thoughts when I am ready to doubt myself, or my abilities. I need to think about these things when I am in a real battle against food.  Scripture gives us so many of God’s promises, and we need to hold on to them and make them relevant to all the decisions we make.