Shedding 250 Lbs

I had lost everything. My Family. My Friends. My Wife. My Church. My Health.

I weighed 625 lbs. and could barely walk 2-5 feet. I was killing myself with food, and was so broken, depressed, destroyed, and hurt;  that I was barely a shadow of a human being. I finished 2-liters in a single sitting, ordered pizza by the box, and stuffed feelings down my mouth. The months and days leading up to January 2012 were dark and troubling, but a sliver of hope remained.

Matt Transformation pic 2014

Twitter Helped Change my Life

This first meeting was not face to face, but through a Twitter follow from Ken. I didn’t know who he was; I had never been a Biggest Loser viewer, but I noticed that he had been on the show and that he was a pastor. I had heard of a Biggest Loser pastor who could help me, but I never knew his name. I sent Ken a direct message, which was followed by about an hour long phone conversation. In those 140 characters I briefly introduced myself, and poured my heart out to Ken stating I needed his help. Up until actually talking on the phone with Ken, I really didn’t know what they could do to help. I didn’t know anything about RetroFit, and had never seen their season.  I needed help, and thought he could be that man.

Fully Surrendered

On January 5, 2012, before I had ever encountered Ken and Austin, I fully surrendered to God with this process of changing and transforming my life and health. It was a gradual change of heart and mind. It was not until the beginning of March 2012 that I had this amazing, God-breathed, divine appointment through a Twitter message and phone conversation with Ken.  From that night forward, I have never had any doubts or looked back, nor wanted to go back to that old way of life. God truly answered my heart’s cry and sent Ken, Austin, and Retro Fit Ministries into my life. I can tell you that I am like a boxer on a comeback trail, and I have been restored physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and relationally. I have lost 255 lbs in 2 years, and I continue to lose. God has and is giving me everything back in my life that I had lost due to my obesity and other issues, but all NEW. I am being made into a trophy of his amazing grace daily.

Coaching and My Life Change

It has been a long journey, but has gone by very fast. Ken and Austin live on the west coast  and I am on the east coast, but we stay in contact with weekly video chats where they encourage, educate, and provide accountability for me. Yes, I had to do the work; but they have been phenomenal coaches, friends, and fellow ministry partners. Since working with them, my life has changed dramatically,  and I am currently in the beginning stages of having all my excess skin removed.  I am training in the gym and swimming daily to continue to shape and sculpt my body into a vessel of honor. Honestly, I don’t know that o’l fat-guy anymore. He died 2 years ago with no chance of resurrection. The NEW Mattman is here to stay.  For the last year I have been wonderfully blessed. I have been asked to speak and minister at churches and events sharing my story. My story of how God took this broken, mangled mess of a man, and transformed him; while bringing wholeness to his life, so that I may be a physical representation a trophy of His amazing grace. If God can do it in me, He can do it in anybody. Follow my journey On Facebook- Click Here