I am taking the plunge into Running

I am so excited to share that I have decided to embark on a new adventure that started 5 years ago, I would never have dreamed possible. I am going to run my first half marathon this September.

Five years ago walking two miles on a slow moving treadmill would have been a challenge for me. At my largest I tipped the scales at 455 lbs and never would have dreamed this could even be possible.

After finishing Season 11 of Biggest Loser, one of my friends from Bible college, Len Banks, invited me to speak at his church in Half Moon Bay. If memory serves, Len weighed just under 400 lbs at that time. I shared with him what God had done in my life, and while I know my story touches people, my story is not enough. Maybe a year or so later, Len began his own journey to wholeness.

You can read this great interview I did with Len here or read part of his story on Lenbanks.com!

At present, Len has lost around 50% of his body weight and has run Five 5Ks, Two 10Ks, Four Half Marathons, and two Full Marathons, with all of those runs (excluding two 5ks) being completed in 8 months.

Even last year, I would have told you that me running anything like a distant run would have been very improbable because of knee pain. But after months of hard rehabilitative work with John Heart, Mr. America, I am at a point where my left knee is virtually pain free. The only residual problem with my knee is it still has a limited range of motion compared to my right knee.

After reading and speaking to Len and all that God has done in him, I decided to continue my health journey by taking the plunge and running my first race with him in September at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. We will be running for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Half Marathon training Ken SmileI need your support to be able to do this guys.

First, I can use your prayers. I am not as young as I once was, but I am a turtle, and I finish my races. I can use prayers for my knees and that my body holds up as I continue to the train for the race. The demands are high, but my commitment is higher.

The second way you can help support is by donating to St. Jude’s via my page by clicking here.

Thanks so much for supporting me and this incredible cause as I run for my health and the health of others.

If you want to join a great community that is helping to push one another to become more and more healthy, click here and join our “Becoming Healthy Together” Group! Over 700 strong, all encouraging one another as we each run our race. Whether you are trying to run for the first time since grade school or you are training for a half marathon, there are people just like you who will encourage you as you encourage them! Join us!