Netflix, Facebook and Time: Making time for what Matters

It’s funny how we make time for the things we want, while continuously pushing things we need to do to the side.

This occurred to me this week when I realized at the end of one day this week, I had forgotten to drink any water all day long. I was so busy, and I had “forgotten” to drink my water. I made time to heat up the cherry Danish that was sitting in the school office, though!  I didn’t just grab it, but I took the time to put it in the microwave so that it was the perfect temperature!  I shake my head thinking about this, but it’s true!

I Don’t Have Time

We make time to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and watch Netflix throughout the week.  We just don’t have the time to exercise because our schedules are so busy! We can’t possibly entertain the idea of prepping food because that takes time.

Believe me, I know what a busy life is. Full time, working mother of four, and wife who has very little time to myself. I have papers to grade, lessons to plan, and students to teach.  I have to make the time for my health. My health is priority, and the truth is if I sincerely cared about it and took it as seriously as I need to, then I would find the time.

Meal Prep

I don’t take one day to prep my meals because I honestly don’t have that big of a chunk of time to do that in one day. I break it down and prep my veggies and fruits one day. I may cook my rice and oatmeal one day, and then another day cook my meat.  I use the time that I do have to make sure I can be prepared food wise throughout the week.


My workouts consist of a few at home workouts because I am not able to make it to the gym every single day. I can, however, squeeze in a thirty minute workout at home before I start my day.  I go to the gym a few days a week, sometimes it only happens once, but I can’t use that as an excuse to be inactive.

I have to stay focused on my goals. I have to use every minute wisely, and make my time count.  Remember, if you really, truly want something, you will make time for it.

What can you do to spend the time you need to on your health?