Get Your Family Moving

Being active on your own is wonderful, but having your family be active with you is even better!  Most people who live sedentary lives hate the idea of exercise. I don’t even like that word because it sounds purely like a chore.  Being active is important and so good for our bodies! We were made to move, and there are so many benefits to our health.

I want to paint a picture of what my household looked like before I had decided this was important in my life.

I was a full time teacher in a Christian school. I spent most of day sitting on my comfy chair at the front of the classroom while teaching.  I would walk around the room, only when I had to.  I would come home tired, grab some fast food for our family dinner, and sit around the rest of the evening only to repeat it the next day.   My husband works in a crane at a steel mill.  He sat all day for 8 hours a day, and then would come home to sit and watch TV or be on the computer.  My stepsons love video games and cartoons.  My 2 and 3 year old daughters weren’t around yet during this time. Our family time consisted of playing board games, doing puzzles, and finding new places to eat out was our expertise.

Today my house looks so much different!

I am a full time teacher at the Christian school starting my day off on my elliptical  Monday-Friday. I also make it a priority to get to the gym at least two-three times a week to lift weights.  My daughters don’t stop moving,(the perks of being a toddler) so I chase them in the evening and on the weekends also. My husband is always willing to go for a walk and bought a  bike this past summer! In the summer, my boys can be found out riding scooters and bikes almost every evening. One is in Taekwondo and flag football. One boy is at the Boys and Girls Club playing floor hockey and being active in drama at church or a summer community theatre. This winter, both boys are in basketball!  Weather pending, we make time to go for walks at Lake Michigan, geocaching, and bike rides together.  Fast food? We have home cooked meals that consist of protein, vegetables, and brown rice along with other things.

These changes have happened over a period of three years.


Here are some fun ways to get your family active!

  1. Sign up for a 5K together!

You can walk together, and strollers can be pushed. This is a great way for everyone to take part in one event together. As a family, pick a cause that you are passionate about and find a 5k charity run to participate in.  This is a great way to help others,be active, and it doesn’t take an entire day.

  1. Geocaching

Many people have never heard of this, but it is catching on worldwide.  There are tiny treasures hidden all over the world around you.  It is like a scavenger hunt outside.  You drive to different areas and then use a GPS to locate a treasure that someone has hidden. You sign the logbook and can leave something behind.  This involves walking and hiking.  It is so fun and honestly doesn’t feel like work at all! Information about this can be found at

  1. Go to the Beach

Walking in sand is always a workout, and swimming is wonderful for you too! This is something that a family can do together, and it usually doesn’t cost much if anything at all depending where you are. Not a fan of sand? Find a pool! Make it a pool party, and you can invite friends and grill some food!

  1. Volunteer for a Service Project

There are so many things going on in your community you probably don’t even know about. My family recently started volunteering at a local community garden that grows food and gives it to local food banks.  We plant, weed, and harvest these vegetables which is quite the workout! Helping someone who is moving is a great way to be active. Cleaning, building, and doing yard work can be great activities too!
These are just a few ideas that can help turn a sedentary home into a more active home! Thinking outside the box is key! Don’t just see being active as a workout at the gym or a one hour dvd! We can be active no matter where we are, who is with us, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing!