4 Reasons To Get Active at Work

The Benefits of Moving at Work

What makes a person get up at work? You might be chuckling, but if you have been at a desk job you understand that this is a real thing! When I first got off the Biggest Loser and I went back to my radio station, they had brought in several exercise balls to sit on instead of the classic desk chairs!

Regardless of how you choose to do it, studies show there are numerous benefits to moving at work. Physical activity at work can help employees in the following ways:

  • Start up your creative engines!

A Stanford study found that just going for a walk (outside or on the treadmill) can get our creative juices moving—and help them stay that way. In fact, people in the study had twice as many creative responses after a jaunt as a person who’d remained seated.

  • Boost Focus and Retention

The absolute best way to move? Get outside. When people venture outdoors into a forested area or an arboretum, or simply look at scenes of nature, their bodies relax and their memories and attention improve. This is one of the reasons that I fought for the office that I work out of. My desk oversees a lake and a bird sanctuary. Its an ok view- it also oversees a small parking lot, so don’t get too jealous! Even the hints of nature can help give you the benefits!

  • Set and Accomplish Activity Goals

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, is energy we expend for all activities that are NOT eating, sleeping, or HUGE exercise. Even though they may not require much effort, these little bits of movement (like walking) can help us meet daily and weekly physical activity guidelines in a manageable way.

  • Change your Work Culture

When one person does something, he or she may be declared a “lone nut”—but when two or three join? Then you have a leader and a movement. Walking meetings or group fitness outings make movement a true priority and help to establish a better work culture that supports employees’ healthy choices. When I came home from Biggest Loser, several of my buddies at the radio station were already doing it. They would stand up during their shifts, they had excercise balls to use,and they were more knowledgeable about food. The culture was changing, and it was an amazing thing to see!

How about making a simple change on your next 10-minute break – slip on tennis shoes (you can always just store these under your desk, right?), and walk around the block, around your building, or up a couple of staircases.

How are you building in movement at work – comment below?  Let’s see who can get the most creative!