Flights May Result in Water Retention

Water Retention: A Real Issue

When you travel by plane, it’s normal for your body to hold or retain water(fluid). It can be very uncomfortable when you land because the fluid doesn’t seem to distribute evenly throughout your body. I know from multiple trips that this is the case. With me, the fluid tends to linger in my lower belly area around my upper thighs, so I dislike this. It’s uncomfortable and makes normal physical activity a chore. I have tried to be fully hydrated before, during, & after each flight. However, each attempt to minimize my discomfort has failed.

This past Faith & Fitness Retreat I attempted to fly with minimum amounts of fluid in my system. I started my day with only 2 cups of water in me. As I sat on the plane, I had a 20oz bottle of water that I sipped on for the duration of this flight. I had hoped by flying dehydrated or semi depleted I wouldn’t experience this normal fluid retention.  If I was going to have retention, my plan was to drink plenty of water that evening, along with eating a banana, & possible walking for 30 minutes.


Now on the ground as I was making my way to the pick up area, I started to evaluate the fluid retention. Honestly, I didn’t seem to notice much. Dehydrated yes, and ready to refuel my body. It was not until later that evening after our opening session that I began to notice any retention and bloating in my lower areas.


I would say this was a success. However, I have come to the conclusion that there will always be fluid retention of some type regardless with air travel because the passenger compartment is pressured. Whether hydrated or depleted, fluid tends to always redistribute in the lower half of the body.

Let me know what your experience with fluid retention has been after air flight in the comment section below.