The Truth about Excess Skin

If you have never been extremely overweight and  lost a lot of weight, you probably have no idea about how uncomfortable excess skin is. Sure, I have done the easy part of eating right, living right, working out hard, & serving God. I know He is taking care of the hard parts, the things I could not do. The excess skin is still very annoying, cumbersome, and not to mention not attractive. I have more hanging excess skin then a flying squirrel. At least a flying squirrel has a purpose,and a good use for theirs. My skin is truly an irritant, and makes wearing or shopping for clothes that much more difficult.

Still Dealing with Criticism

Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed this journey of reclaiming my health and my life by losing 250+ lbs in 2 years. Even with all the hard work I have done, and the fact that I am still killing it in the gym while building lean muscle mass; I still have people or kids say things that at times can wound or hurt if I let them. Recently I had two such encounters. The first was while I was drawing caricatures at a gig and a young boy said, “Hey mister, what’s wrong with your leg?” I responded it saying it was nothing, and just excess skin from losing a lot of weight. What a weird conversation I had trying to explain to a 7 year old why I had a beach ball size lump in my left pant leg (that was not my leg), but excess skin from my lower stomach area.  The second encounter was with two young girls who kept saying “You’re fat. Your belly looks weird & your legs are stuck together.” Again they only noticed the beach ball size lump of excess skin, and tissue that hangs over my lower section.

Taking Negative Thoughts Captive

Kids this young don’t mean anything by it. I know these 2 girls personally. I can tell you even though they didn’t mean anything negative or hurtful, when I was driving home the enemy of my soul was speaking negative words to me like: “See no matter how hard you have busted your butt and worked hard to lose 255 lbs in two years, kids still call you fat.” I felt a heavy heart, and almost allowed these innocent children’s comments to bother me. Immediately I started to pray and take authority over these thoughts and reflect on where I was. Two years ago I was a broken, shattered, individual who had lost everything due to his obesity. I lost a wife, family, friends, job, ministry, & health. Like a boxer I have been on a comeback trail, and God has restored everything to me and more, and it’s all NEW. It’s not that old life stuff anymore. That old Fat man is dead and gone ,and the New MATT MAN is risen. God continues to make me a trophy of his Amazing Grace, and speak into the lives of others. I am grateful that He has chosen me, a simple man, to share His message & story about restoration and wholeness to the world.

What’s Next?

Currently I am in the process of skin removal consultations, and moving forward in becoming the Man of God physically that He wants me to be. I am continuing to build my body into a vessel of honor and glory for my God. I look forward to what this next chapter In my life and I wanted to share it with you.