How to Beat the Treadmill Blues

The treadmill. Most people either love it or hate it. Either way, it proves to be a reliable tool to help us on our journeys. It is there when the weather doesn’t cooperate, babysitters aren’t available, and the distance possibilities are endless. You can walk, jog, or sprint. You can do intervals of slow and fast. You can increase the incline for an extra challenge. This machine although, sometimes boring, can be one of the most effective tools for so many different levels of fitness.

Personally, I am one of those people that hate the treadmill. I am so grateful for it though, as I use it way more often than I actually want to. My gym has child care, so for a stay at home mom of two toddlers, who wants to get some running done on the marathon training calendar, it is one of the best options for me. I tend to look at the treadmill as a job. I leave myself with no option, so that I don’t talk myself out of it. I have goals, and to reach the goals I have to be willing to be a little bored sometimes. After all, not all work is fun all the time. I can’t just set myself up to get on and run how ever long I feel. I have to commit to a time or a distance and follow through. I usually have my fill by mile 2, but I realized by stopping there I am holding myself back. We have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable when it comes to our workouts.

If I was absolutely miserable every time I stepped foot on the treadmill, I wouldn’t follow through. I wouldn’t stay motivated and I would resent exercise altogether. So, while being outside to run or walk is my preference, it’s not always a possibility. I cherish those moments, and put in the work on the treadmill that I need to in order to meet my goals.

Here are some things I have found that help make the treadmill the best experience it can be.

Turn up the music

I always have my headphones on while on the treadmill. I have forgotten a few times, and it’s something I very rarely do now. I love my music. I usually have some worship music blaring in my ears. Sometimes it’s Christian rap, and sometimes the slower stuff. These songs usually have lyrics that inspire me and remind me that this journey is for Him. I am worshipping the Creator by taking care of me. How can one feel bad about spending time in worship? Even if on the treadmill.

Cover up the clock

I have found that by watching the distance and clock, it tends to go by much slower. It’s like watching a pot of water trying to boil.When I put a towel over the screen, I can just escape from the numbers, and let my mind wander. I focus on other things, and the time goes much faster, which makes it a little more enjoyable.

Turn on the T.V.

I know many people who love the treadmill. These people are usually the ones who watch their favorite shows while walking or running. Their mind is focused on the plot, and not focused on the actual task taking place. I like to watch vlogs on Youtube for weight loss inspiration while I walk and run.


When walking on the treadmill, I love playing on my phone. I can check out instagram, facebook, and twitter. These are two-fold. I am distracted by the treadmill, but also most of the things I see on those are about motivation, the journey, and inspirational messages. These lift me up and inspire me while I am on my mission to stay and become more healthy.

Prayer time

Sometimes I create a prayer list, so that I can spend my time in prayer. I will just spend time going through the list as I pray to myself or out loud depending where I am. It keeps my focus on others, and I am reminded of all the blessings I have.

Read a book

Reading is one of the best ways to let your mind wander. I have a hard time sometimes reading a book while moving, but audio books are so great too. I am just enjoying my book while moving, and before I know it, I have spent an hour on the treadmill.


There are so many other things that can help make the treadmill a better experience. Changing things up is key. So, instead of listening to music every time, pick a few different things to do each time you are on. Remember, that you will never regret getting on that machine! Push yourself to be a little uncomfortable, and have confidence that it will be worth every minute of it!

What do you prefer to do while on the treadmill?