When I started my journey I never thought I would lose 200 lbs in a year. I started out only wanting to fit in my car, walk up steps without hurting and having major body pain, or being so out of breath I thought I was going into cardiac arrest.  I never thought I would be able to go from a 8XL size shirt down to a 2XL, or a 24” neck dress shirt collar to a 19” collar. Yet alone going from a 72” waist line down to a 54” but do too all the excess skin I still have, I must wear a 64” pants folded at the top under the belt.

I found that it was in the small changes that I made that it made the biggest difference in my life. When a Ship makes a 3 degrees course change it doesn’t take long for the ship to be 100 miles from where it could have been. Who would have thought a small rudder would make such huge changes in the direction a ship could make?

Rudder Of My Eating

My eating was so bad when I first started my journey. I could easily down a 21 inch XL Pizza with all the meat toppings and a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew in one sitting while watching 2 or 3 movies. At one point I would buy 2 12 packs of soft tacos from Taco Bell and do the same thing.  My eating was out of control and I was killing myself.  I was depressed about losing my wife, family, friends, job, resigning my church, and my health. I felt like a failure, like a piece of trash discarded that no one wanted me let alone hangout with this big o’l fatman who could barely walk or breath.  I was just taking up space and the only comfort I found came from food, but in reality it was not a comfort but a quite killer. My eating was steering me down a path I never wanted to go down.  It was after God changed my stinking thinking that I began to make small changes.

My Small Rudder Changes

I started to eat only ¾ of the pizza, then ½, then ¼ now I don’t buy pizza like I use to. I make a healthier version using a 9” tortilla shell. I can eat the whole thing and its only 360 calories. Also, when I started to swim for health it would only be 3 days a week for 45 minutes at a time. Then it went to 5 days a week for 45 minutes, then 5 days a week for 100 minutes and now its 6 days a week for 100 minutes and an extra 45 minutes on Monday nights in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Back in the June of 2013 I added walking. Yep, I walk! It started with just around the block, then around 2 blocks, then the park, then the 2 blocks and the park. I incorporated Weight-Lifting over a year ago and now participate in a 5 day split workout routine.

Bottom Line: It’s the small changes the small degrees of change over time that produce the big results. Stay Encouraged and Keep Moving Forward.

“If He Can Do It In Me, He Can Do It In You.”