Christmas is a Time for Truth

Christmas Time is Here

I love Christmas. I love so much about this time of year. I love all the Christmas specials, from the old reruns of shows I watched as a child to new specials with a flare to the present. I like Christmas trees, Christmas parties, Christmas plays and services. I appreciate so much about this season of the year. I love the various decoration styles and driving down streets that all the neighbors have decorated with a community theme.

It is amazing how the truths of our Biblical Christmas are depicted in films. For this series of Christmas blogs, each entry will have a scene from one of our favorite films and complete the statement, “Christmas is a time for…”. My desire is for this to be insightful, meaningful, and fun.

Christmas Is a Time for Truth

“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about”—that statement came from a various famous character named Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Watch the video and then read my brief comments below:

Charlie Brown Christmas- Linus’ Monologue from Austin Andrews on Vimeo.

Christmas is a time for truth!

We live in a day and age where our secular culture is trying to squeeze the faith out of Christmas. Mutual respect dictates that we respect one another’s beliefs.

What is the truth of Christmas? Let’s move past the parties, decorations, and concerts. Let’s push beyond shopping, Christmas baking, and family gatherings. Let’s even push beyond the nativity scene.

You see the truth of Christmas is that even in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and even in the depths of our discouraging circumstances: God has a plan. Some today try to push this story away from our culture, but this birth was no accident. This infant born in a manger was part of God’s plan.

We can have hope in the fact that God did not desert or discard us. God did not walk out on us. Instead He embraced our pain, our tears, our disappointments, and our faults and failures through his son. The truth of Christmas is that God stepped into our reality to show us the way to Him.

That God has a plan was true that first Christmas and is still true today. For years Charlie Brown has helped us remember what Christmas is all about. May it be a reminder again today!